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  1. 3 month review of my 2023 PowerBoost Lariat FX4 with BAP.

    Get yourself a small 2lb velcro weight, strap it to the wheel and just sit and monitor it and never touch the wheel. Did this on my recent 1300 mile trip and would go hours without touching the wheel.
  2. Found the key to great MPG

    Yeah you definitely arent helping your mpg.
  3. Found the key to great MPG

    Well i just hit 10k and its bone stock other then a bed liner and cover. I dont drive 70mph often, and I dont mash the gas. Its a 4x4 157" lariat. Currently im at 19mpg but i did just tow my boat 700 miles and got 13.4mpg doing it. So i expect to build it back up to 21 or so where I was at...
  4. Ford going cheap on the seats

    I love the seats other then one gripe. I have a 22 PB lariat and just did a 17 hour day of driving last week. No back pain or leg pain what so ever. Only issue is the headrest not being a 4 way adjustable headrest. I am in the process of fixing that.
  5. Consumer Reports List Powerboost On Least Reliable

    You paid 85k for a lariat??
  6. Found the key to great MPG

    I Did get 73mpg on a 4 mile trip downhill off a mountain top in PA 😂
  7. Found the key to great MPG

    Bingo. I get 21.8mpg around my area. Obviously I didnt just get the powerboost for just the fuel economy though. The 7.2kw is the big selling point on it and all the power is nice as well.
  8. Found the key to great MPG

    Well congrats, it will continue to do great for ya over there. Im interested to see what I get come winter when I'm over there for hunting season.
  9. Found the key to great MPG

    Went on a road trip this weekend to the eastern shore of Maryland and beaches of Delaware. Holy crap that changed everything with my MPG. I am coming from southern MD so by no means a super hilly or mountainous region. But around there I generally get 21-22 mpg. Loaded my kids and a little...
  10. MPG Fun Facts for My PB (Disclaimer: No Science, Just Anecdotal Observations :))

    Yeah i have some short trips that do really kill the mpg. When i do drive it to work 42 miles each way it gets around 23mpg.
  11. MPG Fun Facts for My PB (Disclaimer: No Science, Just Anecdotal Observations :))

    Wow this is the best mpg I have heard of. Im 1500 miles in, fellow east coaster and I am getting 21.7.
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Added the first generation backup alarm delete device on. Swapped put my BAK bakflip x4 and think this one is worse then the first. That line in the top drives me crazy...
  13. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    First time towing the boat, hoping to get on some snakehead and catfish.
  14. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Well thats sweet on the ac then! Im not saying cold temps just in the 70s would I think be a sweet spot. This 98 degree crap sucks
  15. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    1500 miles on the truck. Stock 18 tires, no lift or anything. Just a tonneau and bedliner added. Averaging 21.6mpg hope to see it go up once we get some cooler temps and I'm not using ac as much
  16. Settings keep resetting

    Yep same key everytime. Sorry forgot to include that.
  17. Settings keep resetting

    Have a 22 PB lariat with 1500 miles on it. The first instance was one time I got in and started the truck and was on my way. Came to a stop and took my foot off the brake as I have had auto hold on since day 1. Well I was very surprised when the truck lurched forward as the auto hold setting...
  18. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    Put some expensive ass deer corn in it. Hopefully I can get a nice buck early on and cut back on some baiting.
  19. Powerboost TSB Harsh 1-3 upshift

    Has anyone felt this on a 22? Im trying to determine if mine shifting from 1-3 almost instantly is the "harsh" shift you all are talking about. I can try to feather the acceleration but it is like 2nd doesnt even exist on my 22 PB.
  20. Normal for bak revolver x4s

    Thanks. I figured that was the case. I called them when i unpacked it all and saw the bent rails. I just have to email them the pictures and what not.