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  1. Concerns about being overloaded

    You already have examples here but adding to the mix another 500a 4x4 157" EB with 1948 lb payload. The 23 new minimum 501a would only have the HomeLink visor over my build.
  2. Anti-Sway bars questions

    I would guess a copy/paste error by the typesetter. It's really easy to do when you're making a lot of copy. At least that's what our marketing department says....
  3. F-150 - PowerBoost - Skid Plate

    Also a cheaper option, with specific post linked about PB fitment: https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/factory-catalytic-converter-protection.15148/page-2#post-321772
  4. which 2(or 3?) transfer case models are used in our trucks?

    That's a confident "no" there. If you've got some inside information, don't bury the lede. Otherwise, I'm willing to entertain any other reason Ford left the IWEs on the Hi-lock trucks, but I haven't heard anything else that makes sense. There's "it probably won't hurt anything" and engineering...
  5. Anti-Sway bars questions

    The endlinks are already ball-joints, so they are not bushed, and as firm as they can be.
  6. Rear axle, suspension knock / clunk - video

    Could have sworn I just saw a vid where someone's slip yoke was jamming and causing the clunk, and it was on a Tremor, too. The thread mentioned it was an easy fix. You should be able to see it stuttering on video if you put the cam on your trans output.
  7. which 2(or 3?) transfer case models are used in our trucks?

    FTFY. 😉 I think they're kept in case the T-case gets stuck in locked 4h and you need to drive on the street. Regular TOD can't get stuck with a locked mechanical connection. Do you have a 145"?
  8. 3% Under invoice on a 2023 F-150 Order @ Granger Ford

    You already have it listed first, so be sure to do this first, as you get a 60 day operating permit to do the rest when you pay your taxes and fees.
  9. 3% Under invoice on a 2023 F-150 Order @ Granger Ford

    Ha, IDK if that was supposed to be sarcasm, but just in case: these are special rules for California. Many other states register F-350s the same as a Kia. In CA (and some other states) the difference would be about $1000 in weight fees.
  10. 3% Under invoice on a 2023 F-150 Order @ Granger Ford

    Any vehicle purchased from out of state has to have the smog done, not just trucks. Holdover from the days of "49 state emissions." Write your state rep and start a campaign, but I'll guess the CA dealers lobby will have something to say. And the weight fee and commercial "PK" registration has...
  11. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    It's on BC trucks. They get different buttons and trims because the IR sensors are on each side of the button row.
  12. Time to push for a recall on 9.75” 3/4 floating locker axle issue.

    The tech can type anything they want to in there. It's not a "recall" in the sense that it's an official notice to the NHTSA, it's a Customer Satisfaction Program notice already mentioned.
  13. Any way to change color of the pickup in gauge cluster?

    No. The color scheme is part of the strategy for knowing what drive mode you're in at a glance.
  14. 3% Under invoice on a 2023 F-150 Order @ Granger Ford

    Yes. What was at question in my post was being able to do it at AAA instead of the DMV.
  15. Factory catalytic converter protection

    Those are the ones I ordered and they were the same as the ones already there for the Lariat+ fiber cover brackets. This thing has become a deal now that MSRP has come down to $160, so most of the online discount parts houses have it for around $110.
  16. 4X4 System differences

    Check back on post #15, This line has been discovered to be a vent line for the sealed moving cam mechanism. So, no vacuum.
  17. Factory catalytic converter protection

    I don't think the Gen3 get anything more than the Gen 1 or 2, and those basically got the FX4 plates aside from the one being discussed here. The front skid plate can likely be adapted, as it was easy on the Gen13. It's just a 2-piece version of the Tremor plate, so you can integrate with...
  18. Does my truck have front parking sensors?

    It should. Trucks that got the Park Assist Delete weren't getting their cameras coming on with the sensors like they were supposed to, but they were getting a large truck graphic with the colored beams. I think that graphic is the one you will see. Not sure where that thread is, but someone...
  19. Valet Zone Limits???

    I think it only locks out the sync screen, nothing more.