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  1. 3 month review of my 2023 PowerBoost Lariat FX4 with BAP.

    So you enjoyed the adaptive cruise but did you try the intelligent mode with the speed tolerance? I use that all the time. It is so nice to get to a town and have the truck automatically slow down to the posted speed. It is kind of frustrating when it sees the 45mph sign on the frontage road...
  2. Software Error with the vehicle option configuration

    On January 31st I got a message in my Ford app stating there was a Service Engine Soon Warning for "The powertrain control system has detected a software error with the vehicle option configuration". This is accompanied by a code P160A-00 "Control Module Vehicle Options Reconfiguration Error"...
  3. 2021 F-150 Lariat Leadfoot Build

    That looks really familiar. Your RigdgeGrapplers definitely look better than my cheapo brand tires. Nice choice and good work on the truck.
  4. Parked of driveway during heaven rain destroyed fiber under pan

    My thoughts exactly, especially when you have the FX4 package. I would think the FX4 package would give you a full aluminum or steel skip plate.
  5. Parked of driveway during heaven rain destroyed fiber under pan

    Oh I also just had to take the front right caliper off and scrape 15 or 20 pieces of gravel out. It was making awful noises. Even though this truck has the FX4 package it doesn't seem like they planned for people to off road it. I guess I will be testing the limits repeatedly.
  6. Parked of driveway during heaven rain destroyed fiber under pan

    Mine will be going on the trash now too, but I want protection for the plastic transmission oil pan.
  7. Parked of driveway during heaven rain destroyed fiber under pan

    I will take a look. Thanks for the links.
  8. Parked of driveway during heaven rain destroyed fiber under pan

    During the heavy rain a couple days ago I parked a little off the driveway to get something past the truck. Needless to say it sunk in the mud. Luckily in mud and ruts nice I was able to get out without hitting anything. I did apparently catch the fiber under cover on something and ripped it at...
  9. I bought my nephew NEW Platinum Powerboost for Christmas

    Sorry to say it, but looks like you got stuck with a dealer mark-up. You can get this one at Cabelas for $259.99. But maybe it is lower in price because the pictures show it as a Lariat Platinum version. Even though it is the 4x4 instead of Fx4 it apparently still has good off-road...
  10. Should Sport Mode Shift to 4x4?

    I find both ways are fun in different situations. If you want to get a little loose, put it in sport, hit 2H and turn off traction control. If you want acceleration, put it in sport leave 4A and debate on Traction control or not.
  11. 3" Rough Country Lift and 35's

    I have the 3 inch Rough Country lift with 33" tires. When on dirt road with small wash board the back axle can completely loose connection with the road at 50mph. Then when you take turns it will slide out in the back. It makes it very inconsistent and dangerous feeling.
  12. My 2021 XLT Leadfoot Build - ReadyLift | Fuel | Nitto | Line-X | Tyger ?

    Nice looking truck. Fellow Leadfoot here with the PB onboard and the trailer option. My truck is modified so I have to think about it the entire time to get above 20 mph. But when I am in sport mode the truck sure is a lot of fun to drive. I have the Rough Country lift and 33 inch tires...
  13. 4" or 6" Lift Kit?

    You could just think of it as getting 430 hp with the PowerBoost instead of the 386 hp of the ecoboost. I have the powerboost with the 3 inch Rough Country lift. I have 33 inch tires but the wheels are offset out so they rub in reverse at full lock.
  14. F-150 Tremor Half Shafts now available from Ford Performance

    Can you get the front Torsen limited slip differential?
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Nice work. I designed and 3D printed a pull handle for mine the other day. That handle looks good, but how in the world do you get the seat unlocked without it? I can't get my hand anywhere close to anything back there to unlatch.
  16. Intrusion alarm due to a flying insect

    Thanks for the replies. That was really easy to set. I guess I should have looked, but I still was irritated that Ford didn't take the time to make a algorithm to detect if it is a bug in the truck.
  17. Intrusion alarm due to a flying insect

    Has any one else had the intrusion detection system go off because you got a flying bug in the truck. We are camping this weekend and when we got back to the campground and we're unloading the truck a bug flew in. I tried to get it but gave up and didn't think anything else about it. Then...
  18. 2022 Black Pack 5.0 Build

    Nice looking truck. I definitely think it looks better with the light colored wheels. Great job.
  19. Vehicle for tour?

    Another option that might help you is to renter different types on rvshare.com or outdoorsy.com then you can try different types out and see what features you need and what you don't and most importantly want size is right for your needs.
  20. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Are the backup camera setting at speed and the front camera at speed setting mutually exclusive. I tried setting them both but the codes in the spreadsheet indicate to change one of the same values.