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  1. According to Ford, software updates are available over the internet or through cellular phone connections

    Not up to speed on this, so here's my question. Can i get system updates for my 2021 F150 automatically through my cell phone as long as it's paired with my truck without anything else i need to do? Or do i absolutely need to have wifi from my home internet, which wont work for me since i...
  2. Wish me luck with my new APIM

    Got my 2021 Plat end of June 2021 and had to many issues to list here. All software related, and been in and out of the service department dozens of times and grown very tired of this problematic vehicle long ago. Had finally a new "updated" APIM installed this morning after a 8 month wait...
  3. Lost Window one pull up function

    Always had window bounceback on the drivers door since buying this thing. As of couple days ago, my passenger window refuses to roll up automatically when activating the switch. I now have to hold the switch up till the window is shut , just like the rear windows. Yet another thing added to the...
  4. 2021 F150 Platinum is a bad joke

    I've had my first problem the day after driving off the lot end of July last year. Other problems followed soon. Alarm keeps going off when trailer connected - window bounceback - black 12 inch screen - interior lights don't work,....Dealer unable to fix any of them due to Fords inability or...
  5. Interior lights not working

    Lights wont come on when i open the door first time of the day, but are working later on. They are not disabled. My truck is sleeping so hard, it apparently cant wake up! Anybody else notice this?
  6. Power Tailgate thinks it's manual

    Only 4000 km on this truck. Got home and tucked away in the garage. Half hour later i push the tailgate button and SLAMM....down it goes hard. Wouldn't close either. This has happened on several occasions now and my list of unresolved things is getting longer....No, dealer isn't aware of others...
  7. New Vehicle Delivery Hold for perimeter alarm going off unexpectedly (F-150 produced 1/7/21 - 8/18/21)

    This will take care of my problem with the alarm going off when my trailer is connected.
  8. Platinum Tailgate Applique Panel

    Just had the Trailer tow module replaced this morning because the alarm keeps going off when my trailer is connected. Now i noticed that my Platinum Tailgate Applique Panel is loose at several places. The unsold Plat on the lot is even worse. Guess I'm getting a new one.
  9. Cold Air cyceling with AC off

    Recent trip with ac off, with vents and floor chosen (no defrost), and temperature set to LOW, meaning no heat or cold air wanted. Just outside air flow wanted. Every 3 minutes it would cycle from cold to warm during the entire trip. 50 to 70 degree range. Am i alone?
  10. Lane centering vs lane keeping

    Have both on my new Plat. I'm familiar with the lane keeping system since i had it before. Not sure if i have a problem with my truck or not... I can not get lane keeping to work for me without pressing the lane centring button on the steering wheel. So, if i need to enable lane centring, what...
  11. Alarm going off with Trailer attached

    Had my new truck locked, with my single Axle Trailer attached. Trailer ramp up and not entering it at all, causing vibration or motion. Also not windy, making it move. Alarm went off 3 times that day. As it turned out, there's a T.S.B. - 21-2179 out for it.