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  1. Front Axle Seal Leak on Passenger Side

    Just found this through search. My 2021 is in the shop waiting on parts for the same issue. 5 days in the shop so far. It's been leaking for some time. 15K miles on the truck currently. Did you get your truck fixed?
  2. 3 month review of my 2023 PowerBoost Lariat FX4 with BAP.

    I'd be far more concerned about others involved in the accident this will eventually cause.
  3. All Terrain Tires with Powerboost Engine

    They've been great. Snow traction is very good, and on dry roads they ride smooth and quiet. I recommend them for Colorado driving. I know I will buy them again.
  4. Wireless Charger Changed for 2023?

    Second this. My standard size iPhone has to be placed perfectly to charge, and reset when I hit a rut. My wife's iPhone plus doesn't charge regardless of placement.
  5. Got Power-Up 3.5.4 Update: Advanced Dual Phone, Payload Limit Warning

    My truck still rides the right stripe after 3.5.4. The only incremental tweak I got was this, after the first car wash.
  6. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    I went from 3.5.2 directly to 3.5.4. Haven't tried full screen CarPlay yet, but the dreaded ProPower Onboard Service Required message has recurred after my first car wash with 3.5.4. I had this issue before, as did several others on the forum, after every car wash or after driving through...
  7. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    I swear I received an Update Failed message on my screen a few days ago. It went away quickly, so I didn't catch anything other than the failure statement out of the corner of my eye. There is no history of that failure anywhere that I can find. Today I tried to reset my scheduled updates to...
  8. Passenger's seat back started rattling when unoccupied.

    My driver's seat back and base wobble and make noise. I can grab the seat and replicate the problem. I have a service appointmrnt to address this and a few other issues.
  9. Start stop removal credit for powerboost?

    My 2021 (pre-chip deletes) doesn't have an ass button. The far left button is for ProPower. I don't recall an ass option in the menu. Would it apply only in Sport mode, when electric drive is defeated?
  10. 2022 F150 Lariat, heated seats and steering wheel no longer activate with remote start? Was working fine before

    It was 10 degrees at my home here in Colorado this morning. I parked the truck outside last night to test the theories mentioned in this thread. I remote started, letting it run for 7 minutes. I can confirm that the heated seats and heated wheel did not activate until I pressed start. In...
  11. Entering Oil Change in Ford App

    Same here. The add service button used to be there, now it's gone. I haven't checked often enough to isolate when it disappeared.
  12. 2022 Ford F150 3.5 with Ecoboost. V6 Rough idle and cabin vibration.

    It's common behavior on the EcoBoost (and now PowerBoost), as discussed on this and other forums. It's also referred to as engine or idle "shudder." It pops up on the forums frequently. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2021-f150-xlt-3-5l-ecoboost-idle-“shudder”.7692/post-288971 It...
  13. 2022 Ford F150 3.5 with Ecoboost. V6 Rough idle and cabin vibration.

    My 3.5 PowerBoost has had a rough idle since new.
  14. Consumer Reports List Powerboost On Least Reliable

    True. That, and a spare vehicle when the PB is in the shop.
  15. Just had fantastic experiance with towing 5th wheel with PB

    When I saw the thread title I had to read more. I'm thinking holy cow, a 5th wheel with a half ton, and PB at that. It makes sense now that I read it's a xl long bed with a 28' 8K trailer at sea level. Thanks for sharing. It's awesome that you were able to help your brother. Wishing you the...
  16. 2018 5.5ft bed cover fit 2023 5.5 ft bed?

    My accessories dealer mis-ordered and installed a 2015-2020 retractable cover on my 2021. It seemed to fit just fine. After noticing the ordering error the dealer contacted the manufacturer to see what changed between the 15-20 trucks and 2021+. After some research the manufacturer couldn't...
  17. Consumer Reports List Powerboost On Least Reliable

    Appreciate your frustration. The survey doesn't consider supply chain issues, and shouldn't if all makes are experiencing the same delays. It's the number of owner reported issues, and particularly more serious issues involving additional downtime, that drive the ratings. Was your problem...