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  1. Kinetic Recovery Rope Diameter - What's Appropriate

    Yankum ropes list 7/8 inch for most 1/2 ton and 1 inch for 3/4 and 1 ton. They are used by a lot of recovery outfits. From what I have seen, kinetic ropes should not be used as tow rope, only to yank them out.
  2. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    This device may be worth looking into. Fairly inexpensive , so if you're not happy with it, not a big loss. Always difficult to get new purchases approved without multiple groveling before the Minister of Finance.
  3. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    Well that just sucks. Hope its not permeant and they roll it out for us 2021 owners.
  4. A Simple Survey

    Wow, was that at a dealership, because at my Napa store I think I paid about $80 with my discount and probably twice that over the counter. In all my years I think I only sold one driver.
  5. Ford called today and extended BC for another month

    My BC is active until Sept, so hopefully the updates will apply before then. No correspondence from Ford yet.
  6. A Simple Survey

    I don't think so, since my truck came with LED lights, my 2011 Volvo had HID headlights, and my friends 2023 BMW motorcycle came with LED headlights. The law they quote may reference replacement bulbs only.
  7. Recall: Fracturing Front Axle Pinion on 2023 Ford F-150, 4x4s. May Cause Front Wheels to Lock Up

    There is a You tube video of a transporter detailing how he loads trucks at a Ford Depot. I would imagine if the ramps are wet from rain or snow, that the loader would engage 4x4 for better vehicle control. I own a BMW motorcycle that had a stop ride order in spring of 2014 because the rear...

    Yes, people that install light bars on their front bumper and then drive around with them on all the time. Headlight alignment check used to be part of yearly vehicle inspection in Ny, but was dropped long ago with the adoption of lights behind an additional cover.

    As we get older, LED headlights allow people to see better at night , especially while driving in the rain . Taillight brightness in bad weather is also a plus.
  10. Oil change

    Actually, putting oil on the o ring allows the ring to seal without twisting and tearing the o ring. Putting the filter on hand tight and turning it 3/4 turn after contact is usually sufficient.
  11. Anyone else have weak wipers?

    Was the snow wet and heavy and not break up when it hit the wipers? I have seen other vehicles come to a stop and have snow slide off onto the windshield. Their wipers wouldn't move it either. I would also suggest that you don't leave your wipers on when you park. If they were frozen and you...
  12. BlueCruise 1.2 installed in F-150 -- review & hands-free driving video

    The question for me is , Cost! We have been told that to renew our subscription to BC will be $600 for 3 years. I like using Bc, but the cost is prohibitive for the amount of times I will use it. Now we add in a new module and who knows what that cost will be. It would be nice if the current...
  13. Any news on when SecuriAlert will return?

    I am on 4.24.0 [ IOS]and my securi alert is active. In fact I am using it right now as I am on vacation.
  14. Ford going cheap on the seats

    Before I purchased my 21 Platinum, I test drove back to back a Lariat and a Platinum. I found the Platinum seats to be more comfortable . I had to fuss with the seat bottom angle quite a bit to get a comfortable , multi day drive that didn't literally give me a pain in the butt, though . I will...
  15. New OTA update after 3.5.4?

    Just got this one early this afternoon. It said approx 38 min to install, but took less than that, about 25 min or so. Happy to see OTA's running again.
  16. F150 RCSB Pricing

    Thanks on the 4A clarification . That explains the price diff on my platinum for 4x4.
  17. F150 RCSB Pricing

    $3790 to add 4x4 to a screw 145 wb Lariat ,$ 4,440 to add it to a platinum, same configuration . $3800 in a King ranch. So because I want a Platinum, I am charged an extra $640. Same chassis, same configuration under the skin. I would like the bean counters to explain this. I have to stop now...
  18. F150 RCSB Pricing

    I think it's a crying shame how Ford changes the price for an engine based on what it goes in. For example, his rcsb Xlt 5.0 engine is $2,335, while putting it in a super crew XLT 145 wb is the same, but move to a 157 wb the price drops to $1,140. That is just messed up. Pricing to add 4 wd is...
  19. STOP delivery on some F-150 due to 10-speed auto transmission recall -- loose bolt / park pawl issue

    I worked for 36 years in automotive parts, so I have seen some wild stuff and have owned some piles of poop. It amazes me that one item, be it a complete vehicle or a component , can come off an assembly line and work perfectly for its intended life, while the next one is a complete disaster...
  20. Deep sleep mode

    I am on my original battery still. My truck gets driven maybe once a week, but doesn't enter deep sleep. I do put it on a maintainer when I think of it. What size battery did you use? My battery will be 2 yrs old in July and I am thinking of replacing it then just as matter of precaution.