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  1. Recall: Fracturing Front Axle Pinion on 2023 Ford F-150, 4x4s. May Cause Front Wheels to Lock Up

    Wow, my 2021 has had its front differential grenade and replaced, then on Monday the transfer case broke and I dropped it off. Apparently the case is 3weeks wait so in the past 2 months my 2021 f150 has been unusable for 4 weeks…. Unfortunately Canada doesn’t have a lemon law
  2. Cracked Front Diff Housing

    Well it only lasted a month… my new differential gave out this morning Is your truck a regular cab 8ft box? my replacement only lasted a month….(you can see pictures above of my first) After that snowfall southern Ontario got on the weekend I moved my truck in my driveway and got a check...
  3. Cracked Front Diff Housing

    Quick update, the ford dealer said the axels were the only thing holding the front differential on, it had ripped off the frame. They think the housing had cracked near the mount and it finally let go causing the driveshaft to bind and tear off the housing. Fixed everything under warranty but it...
  4. Cracked Front Diff Housing

    I wasn’t moving but the rears were slipping. I remember being confused for a second that I was spinning in 4h just before it popped. So I must of pressed 4h then applied throttle just long enough to confuse myself. And when I say applied throttle I wasn’t gunning it. Just like a normal pulling...
  5. Cracked Front Diff Housing

    I made a account just to throw my hat In the ring! Went to pull out of my snow covered driveway today and as I pressed the 4h button a loud bang followed closely by gear grinding. Crawled under to see my housing wide open with large chunks of it in the snow. Hopefully ford will have a look...