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  1. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Glad I wasnt the only one. I purposely only put in 7.5 and I am still way above the full mark. and I drained warm oil on a warm day and let it dribble for a while.
  2. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Aint that the truth. this dipstick is ridiculous.
  3. 2023 King Ranch

    woo hoo !! welcome to the forum ! I have to say, I fell into a KR when my ordered truck too long. and I am loving the interior in this truck. I can see myself getting another KR if or when I get another F-150
  4. Driving aid I didn't know existed...did you? ECO Mode driving coach

    yup. even my old fashioned gas guzzling V8 5.0 has it. I never use Eco. the V8 sounds too sweet under duress
  5. Interior dog covers/mats

    I went with the Orvis brand seat cover. its a lot more expensive than most of the amazon stuff, I have tried both. This one is worth the money. I went with the seat cover versus the hammock style as my dog knows the drill and stays put. and I still have access to the floor behind the front...
  6. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    I was just cringing at that poor Camry (?) to the left thats covered in crap..
  7. Matte Wrap PPF on 2023 F-150 Platinum

    wow, looks pretty cool. so is the PPF just a mat finish? or is that a whole new color?
  8. Floor mats... The great debate

    so, since its a forum and all. I actually prefer the factory carpets in my King Ranch. I bought a set of the Weathertech HP liners, which are much better than their old top seller, but to be honest, I switch them out depending on weather. if its nice out, I like the plush squishy feel of...
  9. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    wow !! a hidden door. yikes! I think I can do a lot of damage in this new world!! but I did turn on those testing icons. very cool.
  10. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    the fuse panel is by the passengers right foot. its fuse 8/9 about half way down on the right as you are looking at the panel. its orange and has a 5 on it. its a dual fuse so there are three pins.
  11. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    so I was out running daily errands and my connectivity just re-appeared on its own. not sure if this was a truck issue, or a Ford/ATT network thing as it seems some other people dropped at the same time. has anyone else come back on line since last night?
  12. 2022 Atlas Blue Camping/Hunting Truck... 4" BDS lift, Fuel Tech wheels, and 295/65/R20 BFG KO2 tires, Torsen differential, more coming...

    Damn I love that blue... damn it !! had Carb Gray , thought it was the best, bought a Rapid Red one now, loving it.. but that Blue... I hope I never see one on my dealers lot. !!!!
  13. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    well, this is odd, mine crapped out last night too. I had connectivity yesterday, even used Ford Pass to remote start. This morning however, no signal. and FP cant find the truck. and my truck is on a battery tender. so I know the voltage didnt get too low or something. guess I will go...
  14. Power running board configurations

    good to know. I learn something new all the time on here! thanks. I used to read the manual , but this digital version in the truck and/or online sucks.
  15. Power running board configurations

    OK, so I am trying the 5 min option. so far you are right, seems better. I was worried that 5 minutes would be too long. but so far it seems good. I thought they would stay out as I drove off, but looks like they retract at about 4 or 5 mph.
  16. Power running board configurations

    Working from memory, but I think we are limited to the 20 seconds, or something like 5 minutes. (could be wrong) but not a lot of options. which is wild considering its all just computer code. why not give you a slider to select times. but then I have a 2023 truck that is missing most of the...
  17. Center console slider not staying open. Anyone else?

    HOLY CRAP !!! the things I learn on here.. I am surprised I havent busted mine already. like an idiot I was just grabbing and pulling it closed, and every time it made this horrific ker-snap sound. I just thought , what a cheap ass design.. so I went out and did exactly as you said. a...
  18. Velcro strip in front of cabin air filter cover

    well damn. must be another MY 2023 delete as I dont seem to have that !!
  19. New 22" WHEEL KIT - SINISTER BRONZE from Ford Performance for F-150

    dang it ! those would look nice with our red trucks.
  20. Ford Dealers SCREWED Truck Buyers, Now They're Paying The Price

    Academy sports near me has a couple new F-150's in stock, no markup.