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  1. Winches and other high current equipment

    If all else fails you can put a second battery in the frunk and use a 120v charge controller to keep it topped off while driving.
  2. F-150 Lightning's Estimated Driving Range Shows Incredible 472 Miles

    I would have 0% range anxiety with 230 miles of range. I'll be very happy if real world range exceeds that figure but would much rather have them focus on charging speed. My current EV's highway range is about 190 miles, which is more than enough for me to make it to the next 2 EA chargers in...
  3. F-150 Lightning's Estimated Driving Range Shows Incredible 472 Miles

    Completely agree. Ford needs to release some more info about the F150L before I gnaw my leg off!
  4. Winches and other high current equipment

    There is a 12v battery that's accessible via a panel in the frunk. A particularly bold youtuber removed the panel on a development mule and got footage of the battery: . I can't make out the model number but maybe you'll have better luck.
  5. Rivian confirms plan for second U.S. assembly plant

    Maybe not friendly to EV owners, but definitely friendly to EV/auto manufacturers. There's some cognitive dissonance in state politics where our politicians will ridicule green energy initiatives publicly to appease their base but will bend over backwards to recruit green manufacturers to the...
  6. Rivian confirms plan for second U.S. assembly plant

    This reuters report broke the same time as this story about installation of Rivian Waypoint chargers in TN state parks. I'm sure it's a coincidence, but it would make sense to build a factory in TN given relative proximity to Normal, IL, and the existing auto manufacturing infrastructure here...
  7. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    The oil industry has access to deductions that don't have analogues in other industries (e.g. the ability to deduct 100% of intangible costs related oil drilling). Although they are not "credits," they do have the effect of incentivizing oil exploration and production by reducing the entity's...
  8. Who’s selling their EV, when they get the Lightning?

    I have a co-dependent relationship with my I-Pace, and don't want to sell it. I'm hoping the Lightning would replace our Ram 1500, but only if there's decent real-world towing range.
  9. (⚡ F-150 Lightning⚡) Chicago Auto Show coverage; and an extra one

    I would much rather have them spend the money and weight needed for a heat pump on a larger battery. The Mach-E does not have a heat pump so I'm assuming the F150 won't either. Ford's rational is that the added weight of the system mostly negates efficiency benefits but this could just be...
  10. (⚡ F-150 Lightning⚡) Chicago Auto Show coverage; and an extra one

    Thanks for posting. I've been impatiently waiting additional information about the lightning. Hoping for an official configurator soon!
  11. F-150 Lightning Lift Kit

    I will be convinced that the ICE vs EV battle is over when I see a Lightning with a Carolina squat.
  12. Lightning software bugs?

    That was a FUDtastic video. I have a feeling that those people say " I want to talk to your manager" at least 5 times per week. Doesn't the Mach-E allow one to unlock and start your car using the key, passcode, OR PAAK? I don't think any other EV has that level of redundancy.
  13. The challenges of RVing an EV

    This is good to hear. Some of the early reviews showed issues with intelligent charger routing and I guess they must have updated the database.
  14. The challenges of RVing an EV

    I'm sure it will get better with subsequent iterations. It's already more sophisticated than the Tesla with range estimation--they could potentially have the best software out there if they can figure out how to efficiently plan charging stops.
  15. The challenges of RVing an EV

    This is reflective of Ford's routing software, not of the state of the charging infrastructure in that part of the country. There's no way that a properly planned route between those two cities would add 9 hours of charging in a MME or F-150L. My I-Pace would make that trip with 2.5 hours of...
  16. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    I think the best solution would be a point-of-sale rebate to the dealer because this would open up the credit to people who don't have a $7500 tax liability. This may complicate price negotiations with the dealer since they would act like the discount is coming out of their pockets. That said...
  17. The challenges of RVing an EV

    You will probably only get 25-30% improvement in efficiency going downhlll per this guy's argument: . I've been able to find a few uphill towing tests with Teslas, but none showing downhill efficency so this all remains theoretical. I think we're going to be underwhelmed with the amount of...
  18. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    5/19/21 #108210XX Middle TN Kicking myself because I had the reservation window open as soon as the reveal started, but was too lazy to get off the couch to grab my credit card. Would have loved to have a 1081XXX number! Hopefully can convince the S.O. to trade in our Ram 1500 to get one. I'm...
  19. Powering house with Lightning

    The F-150L can provide 9.6 kW through a DC inverter when properly equipped. We don't know if the vehicle-to-home (V2H) capabilities will be available for all trims and battery pack sizes. Ford is apparently working with SunRun for install of the inverter system. This is a pretty good overview...
  20. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    Honestly all trucks with power up/down tailgates should be disqualified from the credit ;) You have to admire Ram for having the self-respect to stay out of the powered tailgate and EV incentive game...