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  1. 2021 Platinum - Heat shield above muffler coming loose

    My heat shield appears to be coming loose. I'm waiting for it to cool down before I investigate fully, but the shield appears to be attached via 1 or 2 clips, plus some adhesive on the other corner. The adhesive appears to be failing and allows it to drop onto the axle. When going slow/medium...
  2. Ford is about to ship thousands of F-150s to dealers as it gets new supply of chips

    While it is a macro issue impacting all manufacturers, the pain isn’t evenly being felt by all. Dodge has arguably done a much better job keeping their lines going. I can see the argument that Ford is on edge about losing the #1 spot. Given Dodge (RAM) doing a better job of keeping their...
  3. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Now that we are in the 3rd quarter of 2021, has anyone heard an update on the status of when we “might expect” the BlueCruise OTA update? I thought I had read awhile back to expect 3rd quarter, which in my mind meant last Sept and not early-July - BTW. When searching websites, I couldn’t find...
  4. Boxlink tie down anchors installed

    I used a file on 2 of my 4 as well. I was a little annoyed, but it was a 1-time pain - and the sun came up the next day, so oh well.
  5. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    Hell - I build a multi-variate regression analysis when I shop for used cars so that I can find the best value. Embrace the nerd.
  6. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    Another vote for the Platinum. For me, that was the sweet spot in the trim packages. Someone else noted that the Limited was a little over the top - and me personally, I don't care for the interior gray of the Limited. I very much enjoy the extra features that come bundled in the Platinum...
  7. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    5 weeks yesterday and have 2,900 miles on my Platinum. Getting in the 18-19 range with my PowerBoost. Admittedly, I drive a little fast on 4 lane roads, so that pulls my MPG down. I get better mileage in town.
  8. Ford Tests BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving in “Mother of All Road Trips” Ahead of F-150 OTA Software Update

    Late 2022? I always thought they said the OTA update was targeted for Q3 2021. Is that not the case?
  9. Not F-150 related, but Bronco question

    Sorry to muddy up the threads, but didn’t see the appropriate place for a different type of Ford question. Does anyone have a solid recommendation for a Bronco forum that is similar to this F150 forum? I found good information here and am looking to stay current on my Bronco order. Mods -...
  10. News on Chip shortage/ Intel inside?

    Used trucks have gone up in value without question. I had my '16 Platinum for 11 months (replaced with my '21 Platinum special order). I put over 12k miles on my '16 Platinum and traded it in for exactly $300 less than I paid for it. Pretty low cost of ownership. I bought the '16 Platinum...
  11. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    I had the pleasure of getting a pin/shank in my tire driving on I-29 from Nebraska back to Kansas today. Put my spare tire on and got the original tire fixed once I got to KC. Before I put the spare back, since I was under the truck anyway - I sprayed any surface areas. Took less than 3...
  12. Insurance

    Interesting. I'll have to keep looking.
  13. Insurance

    I'm having troubles with Travelers. My agent added it to my policy and I happened to notice that it is a "stated value policy of $42,000" rather than my other cars that are "Actual Cash Value". I pointed this out and he says the VIN is wrong (it's not). I sent him picture of the VIN; as well...
  14. Well - it can't stay new forever

    1 week into my new Platinum, and I love tapped the back end with my Kubota skid-steer. I was loading a water tank and pallet into the bed. My pallet fork has a foot-step on the right corner (but nothing on the left) and I forgot about it. Given that the skid-steer is 8000 pounds empty, this...
  15. 2021 vs 2022 Ordering

    Stopped by my dealer today to drop something off. (Note that I picked up my ‘21 Platinum last Saturday which I had special ordered). My sales guy told me that Ford told them yesterday that they could no longer order any more ‘21s. (He did indicate that that dealer does have a lot of orders in...
  16. 2021 F150 - splice power from rear view mirror for radar detector?

    I swore there was a thread that showed this power splice into the mirror, with pictures? Anyone remember that?
  17. Turning radius / Other observations I’ve noticed one day in.

    Which MagSafe mount did you go with?
  18. Turning radius / Other observations I’ve noticed one day in.

    Picked up my Platinum this morning. Put about 150 miles on it today. Some quick observations: Negatives: Turning radius seems to be notably worse than my ‘16 F-150. Deletion of the cigarette lighter power adapter up front. When using lane departure, the system tells me to “keep my hand...
  19. How many km / miles on your odometer at delivery?

    16 - I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but wasn’t bent out of shape either. I’m guessing they did a few test drives in the past couple of days as my dealership has zero KR, Platinums, nor Limiteds in stock.