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  1. Winches and other high current equipment

    There will be a DC2DC convert located somewhere in the vehicle that will supply 12V from the main pack. I'm not recommending it, but it is where I might start a search.
  2. Tesla opening Superchargers to other automakers this year.

    Or it could be that they have yet to finish all the certification have to destroy a lot of packs through "safety" testing.
  3. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    One thing I take great pains in doing is to not cherry-pick articles. I want to make sure they are from centrist publications like the Wall Street Journal (which may be more right-leaning than centrist). The Guardian article you quoted is left-leaning and basically says 'one of three things...
  4. Tesla opening Superchargers to other automakers this year.

    Sounds like the beefs I used to get into way back in high school. (40 years ago)
  5. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    A couple of key lines from the article Transition not yet noticeable in showrooms, but industry resources have shifted. ‘We’re trying to make things change pretty quickly His projects were no longer about advancing the engine, just nursing along existing technology “We don’t want to be...
  6. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    If you want to see where the OEMs are going, then I would suggest Gas Engines, and the People Behind Them, Are Cast Aside for Electric Vehicles - WSJ I work in the Powertrain division at a research institute...3/4ths of the people in the Division work on designing and advancing ICE (others at...
  7. Tesla opening Superchargers to other automakers this year.

    All DCFC use a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to tell the servicing supply how much current it can accept. As the battery pack approaches certain limits (OEM dependent), it will change the PWM to tell the servicing supply to slow down the charge. CCS and Tesla use PWM. If you have a spare $75k...
  8. Tesla opening Superchargers to other automakers this year.

    Can someone tell me the point behind the 'You a fanboy, no you a fanboy, nothing but sucking locations for your type of charging, etc'. Did someone insult the other's manhood or mother? Previous personal beef? Just had to scroll by a lot of posts of these types and just stopped reading them...
  9. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    Are we really bringing politics and ideology back into this thread?
  10. Why no Limited trim Lightning?

    Personally, I was expecting the Limited to be the highest trim for the Lighting. I don't mind it only being Platinum. (I've owned both a Platinum and Limited in the past).
  11. Order bank opening date for Lightning

    VW is using LG Chem as the primary and Samsung as the secondary. They claim they can mix modules from both suppliers in the same pack. I should also say that the VW ID3 pack is the first I have seen with an odd number (nine) of modules. The ID4 should be using the same pack as the ID3
  12. Standard Range Battery vs Extended Range Battery

    Tesla was one of the first OEMs that I documented that would preheat the pack when we soaked it at -30C. Several OEMs do that now. I do not know if SK Innovation will be doing it to the F-150 pack, nor have I found out that LG Chem is doing it for the Mustang Mach E. I will find out about the...
  13. (⚡ F-150 Lightning⚡) Chicago Auto Show coverage; and an extra one

    That is for airflow over a small EV still needs some cooling, just not the massive radiator of an ICE. This is for the battery, electric motor, and some of the high voltage components, not to mention the AC.
  14. Standard Range Battery vs Extended Range Battery

    It is doubtful that you would be able to charge to 100% SOC of the actual capacity, and if you could, that is a good reason to avoid that company since their battery engineers suck. The dash may show 100% capacity, but the BMS should have limited the charge to less than 90% of the actual...
  15. Standard Range Battery vs Extended Range Battery

    All OEMs have learned to derate the batteries...some more than others. We just dropped the battery of a new vehicle we've been testing and while the range said 1 mile left, the battery voltage was still 371 V. 100% SOC was somewhere around 420 V IIRC. We've already have started to pull apart...
  16. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    Right after a post asking to stop political post in this forum, we get this guy :rolleyes:
  17. Who's an Electric F-150 shopper?

    I think I might actually have the worst use case for ICE. I live 2 miles from where I work. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get home. Going into work, I stop by the company cafeteria to pick up breakfast and then continue the 3/4 mile to my lab. At lunch, I drive to and from the...
  18. What cars do you have now?

    2009ish GMC Sierra Hybrid -> 2013 F150 Platinum -> 2016 GMC Sierra Denali -> 2018 F-150 Limited -> 2019 GMC Sierra Denali - 2022 F150 Lighting (maybe I finally lease) I upgrade based on toys on the inside ;)
  19. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    It would be interesting if it really were a 9 1/2 1/2 chemistry, as I have not seen that in production yet but heard rumors of it coming. Several OEMs have switched to an 811 (and I will be testing another one of them within the month)... I can't wait to see it.