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  1. Reverse to drive, feels like it stalls

    Yes…thank you, if fixed the post
  2. Reverse to drive, feels like it stalls

    This happend once after my last oil change and just now. I was backing my truck in the garage but needed to adjust my angle of attack. I had my foot planted on the brake and shifted to drive. The truck sounded and felt like it stalled. I looked down and the tac was right above .5k. I gave it...
  3. Terrible fuel efficiency or is my truck defective??

    This morning I drove177 miles, about 40 of those are two lane 55mph roads, the rest was Highway with some construction but not much. I kept the speed between 71-74 mph. 2.7l super crew, tonneau cover and 3.55 rear end. I am very pleased!
  4. Must haves when you bought your truck

    Column shifter Supercrew for the family 4x4 for winter and hunting Apple CarPlay that’s what I went in wanting
  5. Anyone Buy The Extended Service Plan?

    I bought the 6 year/ 100k on the XLT. It was just shy of $2k. You can find them cheaper in the warranty forum on this site.
  6. 400w 120v Bed Outlet doesn't power much

    Oddly enough I have only used that plug to power a baby bottle warmer and it worked just fine. Bottle warmer said 500w, didnt think it would run.
  7. Apple Music on Carplay will not play full screen

    don’t rule out the phone unless you both are running separate versions of the apple operating systems, sometimes the phone updates can mess with CarPlay Had the same thing happen this morning turned off the truck and when I started it the kinks worked out
  8. Anyone get a problem free 2021 F-150?

    All of the “problems” I had were centered around the radio and dash All of which went away on their own…or the over the air update this is my first Ford and my first new truck. I am very pleased with my truck. I am even pleased with the dealership experience if you can believe that. the truck...
  9. How to address rear axle and exhaust rust

    exactly what I did wire brush on a drill, rust converter, flat black after that, fluid film after that. The rust is superficial, it’s just annoying on a new car but will not cause any problems. the only reason I did that to mine was the fact that I am on 12 weeks of paternity leave and I am...
  10. Dashboard gauges help - how to move speedometer to center?

    Maybe it’s the my view page your on? Take a picture and post it.
  11. Extended warranty Cost

  12. Extended warranty Cost

    I got one with my truck…the plan Ford Says covers the most. Got it for 6/100,000 He first quoted me $2500. I told Him that was a joke. My wife had a Japanese car and they gave her the same warranty for half that. I asked him how he could allow a Japanese car company to do that while one of the...
  13. Body panel gap between headlights

    Hey, at least we all fit in haha
  14. Box tied down anchors defective?

    I had two that slide right on ( closest to the tailgate ) the two by the cab had to be muscled on. Drivers cab bracket had to have some plastic shaved off the attachment….not much though. Glad that job is over haha
  15. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    2.7 liter supercrew 2,400 miles in. running around down in metro Detroit I am getting about 19-20…..20 if I drive like an old man…..which to be honest I am starting to enjoy. recently drove from south of Detroit to the top of the thumb of Michigan, we drove on 2 lane 55 mph roads as much as...
  16. Found another lot

    This is across the street from the mustang plant in Flat Rock MI hard to tell how many trucks are here. hall road and Vreeland. Almost the whole lot is full crazy!
  17. How Many Miles From Factory?

    Had about 7-10 miles on it and 15 when I took it home.
  18. Can Tailgate Release Be Temporarily Disabled on XLT?

    Not sure what part of Michigan you are from but here in downriver that’s a fancy fix job. Good work
  19. HD radio?

    I have an XLT with the 302a. I am starting to think my trim line isn’t high enough thanks for the answers everyone