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  1. Are reservation holders required to pay MSRP + markup?

    Anyone near Dallas? Currently have the reservation with the dealer in Frisco, but I've never worked with them, so as of right now giving them the benefit since in email they said "they are not planning to mark up" Not really a confidence inspiring response, so I may need to switch when the time...
  2. Trim Pricing For 2022 F-150 Lightning Revealed in Survey Email! [Before and After Tax Credit]

    How can the XLT be $13k more than the pro? It adds maybe 3-4K max worth of features?
  3. Extended Range Lightning Pro is For Commercial Customers Only : Confirmed by Ford

    This is what i gathered looking at what was standard and optional on the Pro vs the XLT. Im sure getting the XLT opens up the options list, but the price differential is so huge, that if you just want a simple truck, the Pro offers so much value compared to even a gas XL.