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  1. Waiting until Sep 15 to place an order for 2022

    I suppose the only big thing is the Pro Scale. As I been told by dealers that the option was restricted from adding it when many placed their order a few weeks ago… either way I feel like this first model year kink stuff really doesn’t apply with the craziness that’s happened with manufacturers.
  2. Katzkin seat covers (Black & Red) in my 2021 F-150 XLT

    With college football being just around the corner… all I could think of was GO DAWGS!:LOL: Looks damn good!
  3. ICONIC SILVER F-150 (2021+) Club

    beautiful truck and setup! Man the tow mirror just looks a million times better on these trucks!
  4. ICONIC SILVER F-150 (2021+) Club

    agree.All my cars are usually that metallic gray color, but since the dealer only had the two tones silver I went with it. The two tone grew on me, but with chrome it looks good and it still shines through dirt.
  5. Submitting Sync Update Suggestions?

    I would like to see certain bugs fixed, which I know many have mentioned: 1. when I’m on CarPlay and go in reverse, it will turn off the radio? Happens at random 2. when I get a call, my instrument panel does not go back to my favorite screens. 3. CarPlay in general is really buggy. Lol
  6. Submitting Sync Update Suggestions?

    yes very odd to me as well… also being able to use the rear bed camera I feel like it’s so hidden in the menu option and should be functional while driving.
  7. Traded a 2021 xlt for a 2021 lariat

    Ah ok thank you for clarifying. At the time, all I seen was the Black and red.
  8. Traded a 2021 xlt for a 2021 lariat

    i ended up with a maxed out XLT 302 a High with tow mirrors… but the only thing I wish it had was foldable mirror of the Lariat. I got quotes by 2 Ford dealers $5k plus to do on mine :sick: . But the Lariat two tone interior color and lack of column shifter was a deal breaker, although I seen a...
  9. Iconic Silver 2021 F-150 Raptor in the Wild 😍

    Agree it’s a beautiful truck and color choice!! The decals just seems like a partnership with Hot Wheels or something, not a fan.
  10. Air intake for the Powerboost

    does the turbo spooling sound louder? Any noticeable difference in throttle response and MPG?
  11. Tailgate Gap

    the Husky liners are pretty solid actually! They have more coverage than the OEM ones. I got them from CJ Parts for $101.06 shipped and can’t really complain. Someone on the forum recommended and had a coupon for it about 1.5 weeks ago...
  12. Tailgate Gap

    I will have to check it out. I personally haven’t noticed. Update: just checked this out and it is the same for me, wonder why? WHAT I DID NOTICE was the sharp edges around the wheel well that cut me when trying to put the rear Husky wheel well liner. It literally looks like it was cut with...
  13. Anyone get an insurance quote for your Gen3 2021 Raptor??

    This is very cheap… but of course there’s too many factors in that: age, location, vehicle specs and more importantly driver record
  14. Tailgate Gap

    Thank you for the response. I’ll try to play with it and see if it can be adjusted somehow. I did try to push on that corner, and there’s no give… making me think it’s possibly bent out. Anyways, we didn’t get perfect but at least it closes fine
  15. Ford is Considering Shipping Vehicles Missing Chips for Dealerships to Finish (If They Want)

    Logistically this makes sense… but would the dealers want a bunch of cars they can’t sell in their lots, and have to turn people down still? Plus the added responsibility that comes with finish assembling a vehicle at a dealership? Seems unlikely, but we shall see.
  16. Tailgate Gap

    mine has the gap similar to yours, but the passenger side is definitely wider. Does any of the sides also stick out as well? My passenger side corner just sticks out as of it was bent, but closes just fine. Driver side not as much.
  17. Wireless Phone Charging for Lariat and Below Models

    perfect I have an iPhone 12. I’ll be ordering this.
  18. Wireless Phone Charging for Lariat and Below Models

    this is a fantastic option! How’s it holding up? And which phone do you have (with/without a case)?
  19. Husky wheel well liners

    thank you guys! Great find.
  20. Led Headlight Bulbs Cooling Device?

    I’m certain by DOT standards, Ford cannot run the real bright HID which in turn by nature May run cooler and no need for a fan. Also most OEM HID have a ballast to regulate the output.