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  1. Front windows tint 20 or 30%?

  2. 501A to 502A

    I know totally of topic, but what’s the size of that sun strip? Looking to get mine done soon, and have been wondering what size to get. I know that I want it lower than the AS-1 line. Thanks
  3. "System Off to Save Battery" message

    I had this problem last night, I did run rock lights for about ~30mins. I’m going to charge it then reset the battery using the given steps above.
  4. Will 21 Raptor wheels fit over max tow brakes?

    Would running balancing beads instead of stuck on weights fix the problem?
  5. Tow Mirror Skull Cap Replacement

    You can find painted ones here https://shop.bfntruckshop.com/shop/ols/products/2017-ford-superduty-oem-mirror-caps-painted-to-match
  6. Texas Bumper Parts

    Two outer panels packaged to ship, asking $50.
  7. Platinum Panda Build

    Bilstein 5100s or fox 2.0s are usually the go too!
  8. Texas Bumper Parts

    I’ll send a pm.
  9. Texas Bumper Parts

    Where are you located?
  10. Front bumper

    That is the textured black plastic version.
  11. Front bumper

    I just sold mine! Part#:ML3Z8419AB - tow hook guard ~ $175 msrp
  12. Hidden Grille Lights

    Thanks, just saw it on the tremor forum!
  13. Regular Cab SWB build

    Nice, can’t want to see the pods mounted up.
  14. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Can’t wait!
  15. Lets see those aftermarket exhaust THREAD!

    How are you just buying the rear section?
  16. Texas Bumper Parts

    Tow hook surround sold, only outer panels for sale now.
  17. Fox 2.0 Coilover W/Ready Lift 2" block?

    Yes, lots of people do that. Instead of using preload to lift the truck you can use a spacer. But personally, I like the feel of the front end with a little preload. To me it makes the handling “better”, totally personal preference. I have Bilstien 5100s with no preload right now and wish the...
  18. RokBlokz Mud Flaps installed - review

    Your running the Rokblokz? Do you have AT tires?
  19. Installing 2" Level - Is a camber kit really needed?

    Yes, I installed a camber kit