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  1. 34.7” tire fit with 2” level?

    I put 275/65R20 Nitto Recon Grapplers on my stock 20" wheels with a 1.5" leveling kit and I have no rubbing. The Nittos are 34.09" diameter so not quite as big as the Coopers but I think you will be OK.
  2. Show me your leveled trucks!

    That set up looks so good with that color. I was never sure how I felt about the BAP wheels but with those bigger, more aggressive tires they look awesome!
  3. Cup Holder Fail and Ford has Stopped Supplying

    Thanks @dolsen. On a side note, were you able to verify that your projector headlights are auto-leveling and bending? Your 501A to 502A conversion has been fun to follow along with and impressive.
  4. Cup Holder Fail and Ford has Stopped Supplying

    What are the steps to remove the rear cupholder assembly? If you tell me where to start I can most likely figure out the rest.
  5. Cup Holder Fail and Ford has Stopped Supplying

    As I said earlier in this post, I have been looking for rear cup holders out of a '21 on Ebay for awhile now but kind of forgot to check as often as I had been. Anyway, this thread got me interested again and I checked on Ebay this morning and found just what I was looking for. It comes with the...
  6. Cup Holder Fail and Ford has Stopped Supplying

    Yeah I have also been scouring Ebay for a 21 model rear cupholder since I would prefer to have the "finger" style instead of nothing, but it's been a daunting task. I am guessing the rubber band inside of the cupholder that wraps around the fingers either broke or slipped off. If I were you I...
  7. Work surface

    There’s no way I would trust setting one or two drinks on the work surface while eating. Just seeing these pictures with fountain sodas not secured in a cup holder gives me anxiety. Having two kids you quickly realize that at any moment your nice quiet fast food stop can turn into chaos in the...
  8. Work surface

    I don't do work or really eat in my truck, so not sure why I would need this but it looks like it would be nice to have anyway. My question is this, if the workstation is folded down, does it cover both cupholders? If it does, you would have thought Ford would have put 2 cup holders recessed...
  9. 2021+ F-150 Tremor Skid Plate Swap Parts

    Ouch! I think I will keep trying to find a used one. I still can't understand why that skid plate costs so much, but it sure makes the front end look so much more aggressive. Looking forward to seeing how it looks.
  10. 2021+ F-150 Tremor Skid Plate Swap Parts

    Looking forward to seeing the end result. I so want to do this but have been holding out in hopes of finding a used one. All in, how much do you figure it cost you if you don't mind sharing?
  11. Taillights Come on when loading a trailer??

    What ☝️said
  12. Removed Sun Visor Sticker, how to remove residue?

    That's what I bought too. The pictures make them look shinier than they actually are but once they are installed they blend in and they are way less noticeable than the OEM stickers. Plus they are vinyl overlays so they can easily be removed.
  13. What have people moded on their Iconic Silver (and any other)?

    Since it sounds like you are wanting to create a BAP, a quick easy mod would be to pull off the chrome tailpipe, clean it, scuff it, prime it and paint it with some high temp black paint. As far as I know there aren't many aftermarket options as of yet to fit the odd size. Ford makes one but it...
  14. Black Halogen Headlights

    Yeah $2k is steep. I might also recommend Diode Dynamics. Their headlights look pretty sweet too.
  15. Black Halogen Headlights

    Try one of these: https://www.princefrederickford.com/new-Prince+Frederick-2023-Ford-F+150-XLT-1FTFW1E50PFA29461 https://www.charlesgabusford.com/new-Des+Moines-2023-Ford-F+150-STX+APPEARANCE+PACKAGE-1FTFW1E58PKD01083
  16. Black Halogen Headlights

    Here is the thread https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/just-received-my-2023-xl-rattler.13902/
  17. Black Halogen Headlights

    I know there were one maybe even two members on here that already have received their Rattlers so maybe they would be willing to give you the VIN. It may be hard to get one another way since they are hard to find for sale.
  18. Black Halogen Headlights

    If it were me, I would get the VIN for a Rattler and order the OEM ones for it. Sure, it will most likely be more expensive, but you won't have to worry about the quality.
  19. Fender Badges - anyone changed theirs?

    Yeah they are definitely removable. You can clearly see it is a separate piece in the picture. Looks like by drilling out the 3 melted plastic tabs that I circled in red would release it. From there it looks like you could even separate the chrome lettering from the black surround if you wanted to.
  20. Fender Badges - anyone changed theirs?

    I have an old one lying around so I will check and get back to you.