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  1. ? about Powered Running Boards

    My ordered F-150 will have them, but I don't have it yet. Is there a configuration setting that can set the boards to be deployed (out) when the ignition is OFF and remain that way? This would be a nice way to mitigate door dings from close-by parked vehicles. Ideally, a way to keep them...
  2. Lariat (501/502A) with Black Leather interior (non-Sport)

    trust me, I did Google and YouTube this before posting a request. Not really into the Lariat "Sport" mixed color leather interior. The two-tones (Dark Slate & Baja Tan) are nice but both have "striking contrast" that you either love or don't care for. So very interested in what the pure...
  3. Official SPACE WHITE 14th Gen F-150 Thread

    so, maybe a bit "unofficial" until Ford finally reveals a truck in Space White.... created these simulations by color/tone editing B&P images of iconic silver something to look at until the real thing comes along! o_O