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  1. 4/26 Build Week

    Yes, I have the XLT Fx4 Sport I wasn't sure if it was the Fx4 or Sport that put the Wranglers on mine with 18" rims but figured it was one of the two options.
  2. 4/26 Build Week

    Yeah, I don't believe the 20" tire is a Wrangler, but I could be wrong, I just haven't seen any.
  3. 4/26 Build Week

    I ordered the Fx4 with the 18 inch rims and I got Wranglers
  4. 4/26 Build Week

    I believe it is the Fx4 or the Sport package that gives the Wrangler, I have both on mine and the ones I see with the Generals I believe are just 2wd
  5. 10/31 Club

    Is this one yours????
  6. 10/31 Club

  7. 4/26 Build Week

    Not sure about Canada but there are always people selling these rims and tires as takeoffs b/c they upsize their rims and tires right away. Usually around $1000 around here.
  8. 4/26 Build Week

    Yeah, window sticker only shows tire size and A/T not brand so I am not sure how you tell what tires actually come on it. The only two I have seen on this rim are General Grabbers and the Goodyears.
  9. 10/31 Club

    Everyone in the 10/31 club, no matter when they got their trucks, should dress their F150 up with Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota Badges for Halloween lol.
  10. Ford Pass Authorizations down

    Ok, I will give my experience and suggestion. I have gotten two trucks, one 6/22 and one 7/21 and they both did the same thing. While at the dealership, FORDPass would not activate. Once we left while driving down the road, I had to unsync the phone b/c we were moving, I was able to get...
  11. 10/31 Club

    Your dealer can tell you.
  12. 10/31 Club

    My kids think so. At the end of the day, I truly got a better deal than I could of if the situation had not worked out like it did b/c due to the wait, the value of the trucks I sold skyrocketed, I probably came out over 10K ahead of where I would have been if the situation had not presented...
  13. 4/26 Build Week

    Separated at birth but they have found each other.
  14. 4/26 Build Week

  15. 10/31 Club

    Separated at birth, but they have found each other.
  16. 10/31 Club

    Yes, Carbonized Grey. It is my favorite of all the colors. My daughter got Velocity Blue, my second favorite.
  17. 10/31 Club

  18. I give up!

    They had 6 come in with mine yesterday but only have one left a f250
  19. I give up! I believe a few of these that say in transit arrived with my order yesterday.
  20. I give up!

    What is South East? My dealer just got a few in here in south mississippi