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  1. Fender badge vinyl overlays ?

    Can you post some pictures when they're on? Would love to see
  2. Installed tail light tint

    Any update? I would like to see the finished look! (specifically the rears) There's already pictures on a different thread with the 'tint' shade on the fronts, and the 'gun smoke' on the rears. Currently debating between the two shades....
  3. I DID IT!: Interior work surface install / swap / retrofit on a 2021 F-150 Platinum!

    Well done! I too ordered my Lariat without the work surface. While I haven't missed having it yet, it's good to know that I could do this if required.
  4. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Ordered April 30th VIN received 8 July Delivered to dealer 8 July..... Straight from Dearborn via convoy. GTA
  5. OEM Rim Weights

    Thanks everyone!
  6. check your rear wheels...

    Make sure that Fuel sent you the (4) of the same offset rims? They most likely did, but can't hurt to check. Swap the rears to check. If not, maybe time to engage the dealer / Ford
  7. 18” Sport Wheels Powder Coated Matte Black

    If they're still not mounted, anyway you could put those on a scale? I'm trying to find the weight of the 18 sport OEM's (still waiting on my truck). Thank you in advance!!
  8. OEM Rim Weights

    Does anyone know the weight of any of the OEM Rims? I'm particularly interested in the 18's on the Lariat sport, but any other rims would also be helpful, as I haven't been able to find any data.