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  1. Waze App No Longer Available?

    Google bought them out years ago
  2. Dash cam options?

    As jamill posted where he is front plates may not be mandatory . So you maybe SOL if the person back out and never shows you their rear plate . That being said that is very unlikely in most scenarios . They need for 4k or at least 1080 is the more you zoom in the less the pixelation and ability...
  3. Damn the bad luck...

    Run don't walk away
  4. Dash cam options?

    For those you that don't want to tape into the fuse OBD will work if your camera uses a mini usb for power
  5. Tail gate step protector.

    I suggest you make a couple and sell them here
  6. Dash Rebooting Constantly

    Shit sorry keep us updated
  7. How long is it taking for retail F-150 orders to be delivered?

    Ordered last week was told Nov-Dec
  8. Anyone install a Front Limited Slip?

    Has anyone put had one put in . Was told by a dealer today that they would not put it in. Service guy was a little bit of a dI$k. Told this a part they sell but won’t install .Okay called another dealer they would look into but have never done one before. Very good customer service. Will try...
  9. California 2021 F-150 Platinum Star White

    Good luck with it . I learned it from someone else when I was selling myself through them
  10. Honorable Dealerships vs Dishonorable Dealerships

    I see a lot of that happening customers say go screw when the agreed price is changed .Then they have a vehicle on the lot to sell at whatever they choose.:mad:
  11. Honorable Dealerships vs Dishonorable Dealerships

    Good thread to have will note on it when my deal if finalized in a couple months
  12. California 2021 F-150 Platinum Star White

    Try changing your zip code and not giving the vin. Different zone changes the price
  13. 21’ Platinum Powerstroke on 34’s on the beach (with an 02 Excursion)

    So we need the details about the mpg with the new set up
  14. Fuel filter and the sort

    Thanks I will probably do the same ;)
  15. Backcountry ready

    Ran across this video a couple of months back skip to min 6 here
  16. 3% under invoice @ Chapman of Horsham

    Sorry was not on here but I see the man himself got back to you . They have been on it since I placed the order. I can't say I have had this good of a customer service in over a decade when dealing with a dealer.