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  1. F-150 Lightning's Estimated Driving Range Shows Incredible 472 Miles

    Awesome. Is a truck’s official range (no matter the power train) an SAE standard? Hence the theory that the stated range is with 1,000 lbs payload? Really going to be killer if standard range battery can push high 200’s for an unladen road trip.
  2. Article: Why Ford's Electric 2022 F-150 Lightning is More Important Than You Think

    Oh man I wanted to avoid black, but that image really makes the Pro’s lack of signature lighting blend away and looks tough. Add the new NJ electric car benefits and the Pro is where it’s at!
  3. F-150 Lightning Lift Kit

    This article doesn’t make sense. The quote from Ford isn’t that they don’t fit and can’t function, it’s that Ford won’t provide from the factory the same wheels as ICE truck. At least it does portray that Ford is trying to understand the ramifications of lifting an IFS EV truck. I’d like to go...
  4. I DID IT!: Interior work surface install / swap / retrofit on a 2021 F-150 Platinum!

    Looking forward to watching this! Every Lightning Pro buyer is going to be interested in pulling this off if it can be sourced.
  5. Shelby American 2021 F-150 Debuts with 775 Horsepower

    It’s not a Ford product. Shelby I’m sure has a contract for X number of trucks this year, probably “bought” these trucks before any retail orders given their contract (similar to government etc) and they upfit them whenever the truck comes in and they have someone willing to pay them for the...
  6. ⚡️Complete Photo + Wallpaper Archive for the New F-150 Lightning⚡️

    Good point! I’m okay with that. We’re back in business! :p:p
  7. ⚡️Complete Photo + Wallpaper Archive for the New F-150 Lightning⚡️

    I’m expecting Atlas Blue and Rapid Red will not be Pro colors to limit my disappointment. Im also expecting home generator backup to be disabled for Pro, which will really make me P.O.’d. Prove me wrong Levine!🙃
  8. ⚡️Complete Photo + Wallpaper Archive for the New F-150 Lightning⚡️

    Photos confirm AMB and IBS for Pro! (I hope, given how Ford rollouts go these days…😅) Are there any rumors online about next official info distribution from Ford? Fall is all we got, right? No chance that’s for B&P?
  9. Adding Hill Descent Control to a non-FX4 4WD

    Awesome! Nice work! Hopefully there will be lots of hacks for the Lightning Pro also…;)
  10. Trim Pricing For 2022 F-150 Lightning Revealed in Survey Email! [Before and After Tax Credit]

    $55k was the old limit for the program that ended in Dec 2020. Max msrp for the program’s restart this summer is tbd (tho I am also planning on it staying the same fwiw.)
  11. Ford, GM Are All-In On EVs. Here’s How Their Dealers Feel About It

    Good call. That’s the only logical explanation.
  12. Ford, GM Are All-In On EVs. Here’s How Their Dealers Feel About It

    Quote: “For the F-150 Lightning, Mase said, “90% ordered the highest trim level and 80% ordered the extended-range battery. ... It was beyond our expectation.” What is this guy referring to? My reservation does not have a specific trim associated with it, and certainly doesn’t have achieved...
  13. Lightning interior: 6 seats possible?

    Yea, that was my fear. With only SuperCrew body, very few fleet managers will demand 6 seats and thus Ford doesn’t need to design a front bench for those that do want that. The shifter can’t be much more than a physical device that has wires coming from it to transmit to the computer. Right?
  14. Lightning interior: 6 seats possible?

    Do we think a front bench has a chance of being offered on the Lightning? Just like the Mansquatch Bronco, can we get some movement to make front bench happen? I really want to be able to bring one of the kiddos up front once in a while, and to have the extra seat available to use if needed. The...