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  1. 401A Interior specifics

    +1 to that
  2. 401A Interior specifics

    Happened to see this CGI on one of the 401A to be built trucks. The seats dont show up in the regular B&P. Looks kinda vinyl(ish) on the edges.
  3. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Yeah, That would be a '22 Super Duty (Chassis Cab - that's mostly why) . That's not doable for us so we will prob stretch out a few of our 300k mile trucks. Upfitting them with a body in a timely manner is another issue, as well.
  4. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Yeesh. I’m a fleet mgr of relatively small fleet of 40 or so vehicles. I ordered our platinum on 9/23 and it just arrived at 4 am yesterday at the dealer. I need two superduty’s but soonest build date I would get is April ‘22. I’m just hoping the worst is passing and the scheduling gets...
  5. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Not a very fruitful day for VIN's eh?
  6. 401A Interior specifics

    Appreciate it!
  7. Powerboost Overheated while Towing

    Funny, because TFL had another overheat issue but this time w/ a GM press vehicle and at low speeds and their 6.2L . It happened a few weeks ago but they were waiting for a response from GM on the matter and as of yesterday they had no response.
  8. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    This is deal with the towing package(s) as discussed previously on the forum somewhere.
  9. Agate Black 2021 F-150 402A Tremor Spotted Out Playing

    Missed that at first!
  10. Powerboost Overheated while Towing

    From what Ford says, No. I think besides the upgraded rear bumper, it also includes an aux. trans cooler which his truck didn't have, as well.
  11. Agate Black 2021 F-150 402A Tremor Spotted Out Playing

    Agate Black 402A Tremor , doing some action.
  12. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Found 7 in 100 miles with 4 of them at my closest dealer. 4 at the same dealer <--- Link
  13. 3.5 ECO Boost and 5.0 "Oil Separator"

    Long story short -If you are concerned about the oil being deposited back on to the valves, it's still a valid concern. Technically, now that these engines are direct AND Port injection , any oil residue that finds itself on the intake valves theoretically will get washed off. The direct...
  14. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    FWIW, Ford is having previewing issues today with the Mavericks (today is the first day of scheduling for them) and none were scheduled today, yet. Hopefully, that issue is Ford-wide and someone still has a chance here. Supposedly, Granger says it'll be like 4pm ish for their Maverick orders to...
  15. Voyeur - New User/Poster - '21 F150 Lariat

    That part about Fitzpatrick and Lambert is neat because I have house west of Dushore. That’s a neat old dealer and still one of those old Ford dealers that sell tractors and vehicles. Just thought it was neat to hear It mentioned haha. Welcome.
  16. Fuel filter and the sort

    I would stick with OEM for sure ( Motorcraft) stuff especially when it comes to the drop in filters and clearance issues of the past on a few vehicles. You can get them off Rock auto, Amazon, walmart etc. The exact part numbers are in your owners manual.
  17. 401A Interior specifics

    Yeah, I noticed the same. It did seem a little weird that there was no difference between the base and mid upholstery when historically, and presently there had. Fingers crossed that they jazz the 401A up a teeny bit.
  18. 401A Interior specifics

    In a few documents (hero card, order guide) I saw the 401 Interior was cloth, orange stitching. I read this from Motor Trend recently while doing some daily obsessing and they claim the 401A has vinyl bolsters ( a la 2014 one off Tremor-ish) . I assume we won't know the real deal until we...
  19. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    lol.. same boat but bailed last Oct and ordered a sport to kinda pretend-satisfy my Bronco needs. I remember your user name over at B6g.
  20. F-150 Tremor - Front Bumper w/ Sensors

    It more than likely is a glitch in the B&P.