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  1. 4/26 Build Week

    I bet they are shipping so many trucks right now that they are starting to fall behind on the shipping front. I have seen most dealers have atleast 5 trucks on the lot in this area. Stock is starting to come in as well as custom orders. Its good to see progress either way. I'm sure whoever is...
  2. 2021 F-150 Lariat PowerBoost Color-Matched Grille & Badges

    That looks slick. What did that cost you if you don't mind me asking?
  3. "Trailer Brake Module Fault" Message Won't Go Away

    Have you checked all the fuses? Maybe you blew a fuse?
  4. 4/26 Build Week

    I just received this update from my sales guy, I will say he’s been excellent. Hi xxxxx, Your truck has just been received by Cassens transport. We may see your truck this month. I know it has been a long time to wait for a truck and I apologize for that. Not long now though and we will have...
  5. 4/26 Build Week

    2021 Ford F-150 (LARIAT) is estimated to be delivered to dealer in 34 days. General Dealer Model Accessories Packages Interior Exterior Other ID# F102 Customer Name Group Order Type Retail (222R) (OBC8S) Receipt Date February 11, 2021 Production Date April 28, 2021 Shipment Date N/A Transit...
  6. 4/26 Build Week

    Toyo open country, Falken wild peak at
  7. 4/26 Build Week

    Ok, changed avatar lol. This is what my face will look like when I finally see my truck!!
  8. 4/26 Build Week

    @succeed23 I have not had a changed ETA yet, my dealer said the status changed on their end but I have not seen a change on the site tracker. Maybe I should be part of the :cry: club. Hopefully soon, I'm glad things are moving though. Its a good sign for everybody.
  9. 4/26 Build Week

    I’m ordering the black mirror covers for my lariat because I hate chrome.
  10. 4/26 Build Week

    My dealer has been fantastic, I didn’t even ask for an update but my sales guy emailed me this yesterday: Hi xxxxx, I just wanted to send you a quick update on your truck status. It looks like we may see it sooner rather then later. The plant has pulled it from the offsite storage lot and it...
  11. 4/26 Build Week

    My dealer is receiving another two trucks that were waiting on chips. Both were built in March. Site tracker is accurate reading "in transit" and palsapp still reads "pending"
  12. PB transmission clunk

    I wonder if its the slip yoke bump you are feeling. My 2014 had that issue and I pulled the driveshaft and greased the splines of the slip yoke and it totally went away. Maybe see if your dealer can do that for you?
  13. 4/26 Build Week

    Interesting, I wonder why they do that?
  14. 4/26 Build Week

    Has anyone had the "customer name" turn to --- on the tracker? Haha maybe they did sell it out from under me.
  15. 4/26 Build Week

    So I checked the trucks that were delivered to my dealer. 3 were built in March and 3 were built in May. Hopefully we see lots of movement going forward.
  16. 4/26 Build Week

    I'm dealing with Eastgate Ford in Hamilton. I'm a half hour away from Hamilton.
  17. 4/26 Build Week

    My dealer just received 6 F150s, I haven’t checked the window stickers yet for build dates but that’s the most F150s I’ve seen shipped there in months.
  18. 4/26 Build Week

    We are all going to get our trucks in the next 4 weeks I can feel it!
  19. 4/26 Build Week

    Well said, I am happy you are enjoying it and thanks for the reassurance that the truck is still like new!
  20. 4/26 Build Week

    My dealer hasn't received a shipment via Cassens since the 18th of June. I'm surprised they aren't shipping anything at all. Before I was seeing escapes and F150's every couple of days but now its slowed.