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  1. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Yes on the CCD. And scales. The scales calibration is off too which might be related but haven't quite wrapped my mind around it, seems like that would make lights point too low but I'm blinding people when loaded.
  2. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Good point. Mine came with from the factory but they don't work. :mad: Good luck!
  3. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    I believe you can find those entries in HCM, the real english one. (need a better term for that)
  4. Got Power-Up 3.5.4 Update: Advanced Dual Phone, Payload Limit Warning

    Fwiw, same result here. Read the other thread and no further information, it is mostly about the apim issue in 2022.
  5. Got Power-Up 3.5.4 Update: Advanced Dual Phone, Payload Limit Warning

    Are you all locking your doors and/or setting your parking brake to get the updates?
  6. New OTA Software being pushed out (This is 3.5.3 but for 2022 model year trucks)

    Vin check requests should go here!: https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/request-vin-lookup-thread.13393/
  7. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    Hey, welcome Discount tire! Looks like things have started off with a bang lol. An endless debate quite likely but I run my 80 psi LT tires at 35 psi. It's what the Michelin inflation chart recommends, what my chalk tests have indicated give me full contact, and will wear more evenly.
  8. Do the OEM LED Projector lights self level?

    Answering my own question. My '22 Plat does not self level at startup nor during use. I powered up the truck and let the lamps initialize then marked their position on the wall. Then I powered off, added a couple hundred pounds to the tailgate and restarted. The lamps shone higher on the...
  9. Do the OEM LED Projector lights self level?

    Thanks for that. I had previously searched and tried again in my 22 f150 owners manual pdf and get zero hits on leveling. Where exactly did you find that? I'm just trying to figure out why I get flashed when my trailer is hooked up. It's almost as if I dont have leveling but I have a 22 Plat...
  10. Do the OEM LED Projector lights self level?

    Is the level set at startup or is it continuous?
  11. Can Active Park Assist 2.0 be installed when parts are available?

    If it's any help in solving this addition, I went thru all the plain English Forscan entries and took note of the ones that might be involved: APIM front park aid adjustable chimes front park aid long term disable park aid control rear park hold parking assistance rear park aid...
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Not sure that is the case as my 22 got a power up 5 days after I bought it. It wasn't the fullscreen/bluetooth one you mention though.
  13. Onboard Scales Wrong - Affects Headlights

    Blof, do your leveling headlamps work? Any change before and after?
  14. Onboard Scales Wrong - Affects Headlights

    I have very similar situation. 22 Plat. Scales/ccd. Auto leveling is not functioning, I put weight on the bumper and see the headlights rise, getting flashed towing too. My scales also read too high, but by about 300lbs. I don't believe Forscan has scales calibration but does have...
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Try double clicking lock for the confirmation honk.
  16. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I would appreciate historic and availability information. TIA, 1FTFW1ED3NFB51851 I'm aware I did get an update September 12, but would be helpful to know if others were unsuccessfully attempted so that I could perhaps tweak my setup.
  17. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    A better answer may be forthcoming but some of the mods require multiple changes. Look at all the parameters needed to enable glare free for example. I personally still haven't figured out mirror tilt although sounds like it creates a ticking problem, anyhow it may just be that I don't know...