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  1. FORScan Laptop

    I'm am looking to purchase an inexpensive laptop to use for FORScan changes. Does anyone have any suggestions or features that I should look for?
  2. BAKFlip F1 or Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover - reviews / experience?

    Does anyone have experience with the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover? I searched and didn't come up with much. Online reviews seem mixed with the negative ones sighting durability issues with parts over time. Would something like the hard roll up Revolver X4s be a better choice?
  3. Order Tracking Error

    Is anyone else receiving the error below when trying to use the Ford order tracking website? We're sorry. We are unable to process this Order. Please enter a valid Ford Order/VIN. Edit - Never mind it appears to be working again.
  4. 1/23 Incentive for 2022 F150's

    I saw this morning that Ford is now offering 0% for 36 months plus $1000 customer cash for most remaining 2022 F150's if you take delivery on or before 1/31/23 (excludes Raptor, SuperCrew Tremor and SuperCrew Lightning).
  5. Infinity Kappa Passive 3 Way Front Stage

    Has anyone with the factory 7 speaker system upgraded to Infinity Kappa components with 6.5" and 3"midrange speakers in the front doors, and 3/4" tweeters in the A pillars using their passive crossover's 3 way function? If so, how do you like the results and what kind of amplification are you...
  6. Aftermarket Speaker Choices

    For those who have, or are looking to upgrade the factory speakers without adding an amp, are Kicker KS, Infinity Reference or another option the best choice?
  7. JL Audio C2 650x Speakers

    After hearing that some feel the base stereo is lacking, I'm trying to come up with a somewhat inexpensive solution that will meet my needs. My current thought is to run two sets of JL Audio's C2 650x powered by a Kicker Key 200.4 and disable the factory tweeters and dash speaker. Is anyone...
  8. Long Term Review of Valuguard Undercoating?

    Does anyone have a long term review of Valuguard Undercoating? This is what the local Line-X dealer uses. I like that fact that it doesn't need to be applied annually, but do not know how it holds up over time. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  9. 2023 on-the-lot inventory Interest Rates

    I just noticed that the interest rate for most on lot 2023 F150 models is 4.9% for 60 months. It had been 2.9% for 60 months for 2022 models for the past few months. Unsure if this was intended to reduce the 2022 inventory or a function of the rising interest rates (or a combination of both).
  10. '23 Dual Exhaust

    Does anyone know of a vendor currently offering (or working to develop) a dual exhaust for the '23 5.0 Tremor and BAP models with the factory rear cutouts? I'm guessing the existing 5.0 dual offerings would hang well below the cutouts which would look foolish.
  11. 1/16/23 - Build Week - MY '23

    Just received the email. Ordered on 10/22/22. '23 XLT 4x4 SuperCrew 5.0 BAP, Dearborn build. I feel guilty that my order was scheduled to be built so quickly while others are still awaiting their '22 orders. However, I am fully aware that I could still end up in the same boat. Fingers crossed.