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  1. Oh no my shifter stuck in park

    I didn't self report...just correcting spelling from previous post
  2. Oh no my shifter stuck in park

    Only maybe, if del reported
  3. Oh no my shifter stuck in park

    Ok, this my update as originator of this thread. Back in February, when my platinum hybrid was jus a neonate. I had problems with the shifter as described in this thread. I got it restarted by turning it on and off. I immediately took it to the dealer but they found nothing. The problem...
  4. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Overall mileage for 11,000 plus miles is 20 mpg. Lots of in town short trips drives it down. I regularly get 22 to 24 mpg with freeway driving over 70 mph.
  5. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I am picking up some good hybrid tips from this thread. I have over 10k on my hybrid and have an overall average of 19.7 mpg. I do frequent short trips so that bites into the mileage. However, on trips over 20 miles on the highway, I get 22 to 24 mpg. On a recent trip from Sacramento CA to...
  6. Skid plates for Hybrid Powerboost 2021 f150?

    I don't have the part numbers for the mounting hardware. The part numbers I have are ZFl3z-5d032-c Ml3z-7e063-c Ml3z-5d032-a FL3z-5d032-d Be advised, one of these parts (I don't know which) is already on your power boost and will be replaced. Also, fuel tank has a plastic skid plate already...
  7. Skid plates for Hybrid Powerboost 2021 f150?

    No, I am not changing schools.Just adding some protection to under belly if I briefly go off road
  8. Skid plates for Hybrid Powerboost 2021 f150?

    I am waiting for the dealer to get the installation kit (nuts, bolts, spacers etc.). Be sure to get this when you get the plates.
  9. Skid plates for Hybrid Powerboost 2021 f150?

    So, here is what I got so far. It looks like my fuel tank has some sort of skid plate (best picture I could do crawling under my car, partial view). And here are the pieces for transfer case, engine/transmission with oil pan cover and then a piece covering radiator and fitting under air dam...
  10. Skid plates for Hybrid Powerboost 2021 f150?

    Anyone have experience with ordering and/or installing skid plates for hybrid 2021 F150? My platinum powerboost already has a metal plate over the fuel tank which I assume may be considered a skid plate. While peering over my dealers parts guy shoulder at his parts screen, it looks like the...
  11. F150 Windshield recall

    My f150 was built mid December and it has the recall as well
  12. F150 Windshield recall

    So, I have an appointment next Tuesday at the dealer to get it fixed. They are having a windshield vendor come in to do the work.
  13. F150 Windshield recall

    The way the recall is stated it sounds like they just need adhesive to reseal. My dealer mumbled something about needing to recalibrate the rear view mirror.
  14. F150 Windshield recall

    I received recall notice 21C06 for the remounting of the front windshield on my 2021 F150. I took the notice to my dealer service department and they directed me to their body shop. They made a copy of the notice, took my contact info and said they needed to get directions from Ford on what to...
  15. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    Almost 3 months and just over 3600 miles. An absolute pleasure to drive!
  16. Ceramic Coating - Price and Details Thread

    India Pale Ale. One for you and one for the truck. Continue until the truck is covered and you no longer care! ??
  17. Who’s Happy!?!?

    Congratulations! I have the same model and color and I just marvel every time I get in it.? I had STEK PPF put on the front half and am getting a ceramic coat put on as well. Got to protect that beautiful paint.
  18. 2021 F-150 insurance costs

    So personal injury is $250k/500k, property damage $100k with $250 deductible comprehensive and $1000 deductible collision for about $1350/yr.
  19. 2021 F-150 insurance costs

    Your cost is about 1/2 the cost for a Platinum with State Farm in Sacramento (over $600 for 6 months).