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  1. Securialert - Thoughts?

    I don’t believe this. They would leave that feature off and add it when ready. I think it’s a clueless help desk person. Btw, my scheduler doesn’t work either. I get a FordPass isn’t responding error. Any ideas?
  2. Does your aftermarket tonneau cover rattle?

    LoMax. Very happy with it. Tight and quiet.
  3. Need some engine input

    Very true. I had a few European turbos (BMW and Porsche) and they don't tend to make it make it to 100k miles. I thought it was a turbo thing, but it turns out it's a BMW/Porsche thing. Turbos on the Ecoboost should be rock solid for a long time, a few outliers notwithstanding.
  4. Need some engine input

    I think both the Ecoboost and Coyote are fine. If you said you wanted a PowerBoost for the generator, then there would be no substitute. But between the two you are considering, you would probably be happy with either, though IMO the Ecoboost is a better performing, slightly more efficient, and...
  5. First War Wound - Any advice for damage to headlight and front bumper from drywall impact

    If you decide to clean it up yourself try 3M Imperial Hand Glaze or Griot’s BOSS Correcting Cream on a clean microfiber rag.
  6. Lariat PB

    Nice truck! I really like the colors.
  7. Armrest Not Staying Up In Open Position

    Thanks! That worked well. Being sometimes anal, instead of the coins I cut two small pieces of 1/8” x 3/4” x 1/2” stainless bar and cleaned them up with a Roloc wheel.
  8. new engine needed for F150 w/PowerBoost

    Sorry for your tough luck. But they can replace it and you’ll soon forget about it. A friend of mine at work in the UK bought a new McLaren and the engine blew up on his first drive home. They treated him well and made it right. It can happen to any car.
  9. Do I Keep My Order Now That 3.0L Powerstroke Cancelled?

    Diesel engines make more torque for several reasons. The higher energy content of diesel fuel produces a more powerful stroke (PowerStroke 😉). I *think* the fact that they don't have a spark ignition system and are therefore unable to time a spark makes them suitable for lower RPM, so engineers...
  10. Do I Keep My Order Now That 3.0L Powerstroke Cancelled?

    Diesel fuel has a higher latent energy content than gas, especially E10. The reason you need high compression in a Diesel engine is because it’s a compression ignition engine, versus a spark ignition gas engine. So the Diesel engine relies on compression, not a spark, to keep it going.
  11. Do I Keep My Order Now That 3.0L Powerstroke Cancelled?

    We all know that the way an engine works is to burn the latent energy of fuel, combined with the correct ratio of air (14.7:1 for "stoich"). So if you need to produce X amount of horsepower to pull a load, you need to burn a certain amount of fuel and air, no matter whether it is a...
  12. Wireless Phone Charging for Lariat and Below Models

    I am using an Apple MagSafe charger in that same compartment. The problem is that it generates an error code on Sync4 saying it’s an unapproved device. Do you get that code with the Anker?
  13. Tonneau covers - Flip vs Roll vs Retrax

    I really like my LoMax cover. It’s sleek so it looks good, easy to deal with, easy and light to remove so I can put bikes and other things in the bed, and doesn’t take up too much space.
  14. Do I Keep My Order Now That 3.0L Powerstroke Cancelled?

    Why would the Powerboost towing MPG be any worse than the Ecoboost? It is an Ecoboost on the highway with a motor assist, which should make the economy slightly better.
  15. Do 4x4 trucks really have a better resale value than 4x2 trucks?

    Around me it never snows but people drive to Lake Tahoe in the winter, where it dumps. So one buyer in the future may require 4x4 and another may just want to stay local, where 4x2 would be fine. I suspect that around me there just wouldn’t be that many buyers for 4x2s for that reason.
  16. Do I Keep My Order Now That 3.0L Powerstroke Cancelled?

    It depends. To me the only real benefit of this engine is highway mileage. But the negatives are less power, more maintenance, and having to use diesel fuel. If you value both highway and city, the Powerboost makes more sense. Resale also may be a slight negative on the diesel.
  17. 1890 mile road trip on my new F-150 Platinum Powerstroke

    Wind resistance increases with the cube of speed. So 80 MPH has 1.86x as much wind resistance as 65 MPH if my math is correct.
  18. How to Replace Your Cabin & Engine (2.7L) Air Filters

    I always replace these myself. I used to have a Macan, and the dealer wanted $200+ to replace a filter I could buy for $16.
  19. Terrible ride quality on lariat with max tow

    Dunno, mine has Max Tow and I think it rides pretty well. And this is my first truck. I’ve had SUVs, sports cars, and luxury cars and the F-150 does well for what it is.