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  1. Look what I found in door

    Look what I found in the drivers-side front door while installing new speakers. I thought a plastic retainer had fallen inside the door and when I reached WAY down I found the nut just hang out.
  2. Where does this go?

    I pulled of the passenger side front door panel and two of these fell to the ground. If not obvious from the photo, they are black foam in the shape of a hex nut. Where to they go?
  3. Speaker wire harness adaptors - are they needed?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to pull the trigger on some kicker speakers and I need to know if the wire harness adaptors are needed or can I remove the existing one from the speaker and reuse it? Thanks.
  4. Installed Boost Auto Qi Charging Pad in center console tray

    Hi all, I finally installed my Boost Auto Qi charging pad that Santa brought me. The pad replaces the rubber mat in the forward-most center console tray. Installation is a bit painful as you have to remove several pieces of trim and unbolt and slide back the center console. The charging pad...
  5. Found light ring around cup holders

    Hi all, Today, while installing a charging pad, I had to pop up the upper facia of the center console, the piece with the cup holders. I found that there is a pair of wires connected to this part and that there is a light ring wrapped around the outside of each cup holder, half way up from...
  6. what's under the forward-most console tray?

    Santa brought me a Boost Auto Qi charger that fits into the forward-most center console tray, the one with the USB ports. The instruction video has you removing a bunch of trim and the entire center console (to slide it back) in order to tap into the wiring leading to the USB ports. I am going...
  7. regular vs premium price differential

    Hi all, Today I filled up at a West Michigan Costco and the price differential between regular and premium was 80 cents. That got me wondering what is the price differential were the extra fuel economy from premium makes it worth while? I fully recognize the benefits from premium and I...
  8. Dash cam - will they interfere

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a front/rear dash cam combo for my 2021 XLT SCREW PB. This will be a two cam set up with the rear cam mounted to the rear window. The cams I am looking at do not have displays but rely on either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for viewing video. I use wireless CarPlay...
  9. Blind spot mirror suggestions

    Hi all, I really wish my 2021 XLT had inset blind spot mirrors. I see a bunch on eBay but I don‘t know if they are any good. Due to the BLIS indicator built into the mirror they should not mount on the upper outside quadrant. Are these add-on mirrors worth while?
  10. Warning alert overload

    Hi all, I don’t know about you, all of the warning chimes are beginning to annoy me. Today is a good example. I loaded a tree stand in the bed and had the tailgate down. I put the truck in reverse and all hell breaks loose. I wish the truck could understand - shut the *&#$ up.
  11. Truck won’t shut all the way off

    I hope this is the right spot to ask for help. Today my 2021 SCREW PB decided it wanted to ding-da-ding nonstop whenever the drivers door is open. It almost acts like it is still on but is clearly not. There are no other indications on the displays. hoping someone else has seen this and knows...
  12. Power to trailer when engine is off

    Hi all, I pull a 16 foot enclosed trailer that has switched interior lights. It has a seven pin connector which supplies power to the interior lights. This works great when the engine is running or in accessory mode, but when off I get no power. My previous truck (Canyon) would supply power...
  13. Need Lariat part number of transfer case

    Hoping one of you Lariate owners could help me out. I am researching a 4A transfer case swap on my 2021 XLT, specifically a PB SCREW short Bed. If you could lookup the part number using your VIN it would be greatly appreciated. - update - i found a VIN at cars.com and looked up the transfer...
  14. 4a transfer case swap shop in West Michigan?

    Howdy, does anyone know of shops in west Michigan which could do the 4a transfer case swap on my 2021 PB XLT? The job looks a bit more that I am willing to try myself. I just need the case swapped, I can replace the BCM and dash switch. Thanks
  15. Spark plug change late 2021

    Hi all, I have heard that Ford changed spark plugs for 3.5 EB for 2022, but that some late build 2021s may also have the new style. My 2021 has a build date of 9/1/21. Looking at Ford‘s online catalog, and using my VIN, show two part numbers. The difference is that the older style has a...
  16. Mud flaps that work with OEM fender flares ?

    Hi all, I put Ford OEM fender flares on my 2021 PB. These the the ones manufactured by Lund and sold via Ford Parts and Accessories. I would like to add mud flaps but cannot find molded flaps that will work with the flares. The parts guy at Fairway Ford thinks the 2015-2020 mud flaps will work...
  17. I LOVE the power

    I so love the power this truck has. Had to pass a dump truck and it accelerated from 45 to 80 mph before I had cleared. And that is not even full throttle. I’m sure I burned 1/2 quart of gas doing it.
  18. Pre-collision warning in McD’s drive thru

    I do not understand how the pre-collision warning system works. It decided to go off in the drive thru at McD’s. This is not the first time it has happened. Beeping, warning flashing on the instrument console, dogs and cats living together.
  19. Do 3.5s idle smoothly?

    Hi all, Ever since I picked up my new-to-me 2021 PB, the engine has never idled “smoothly”, not like it is missing, just not smooth. It kind of reminds me of a Harley’s 96 CI A-motor, the one without a balance shaft. It runs very smooth at speed, just not at idle. Is this your experience?
  20. The oil filter - hard to access

    I am editing this post as I have calmed down. I probably should not have posted it in the first place. I was just upset with not being able to get the darn filter off. I’m going apologize right now for this rant. …. put the oil filter AND all the crap in the way on these Powerboosts? And with...