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  1. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    I noticed my ETA has been updated to 1/29-2/11. Original ETA was 1/23-1/29
  2. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Now it's showing Shipped on 1/16. I also noticed the green dot appearing for the current status, which is new, in addition to a new Status (Scheduled Week Of). So we now have 6 statuses instead of 5. I'm guessing Ford updated their workflow system last night and some of us received an...
  3. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Overnight my status updated to final preparation. Oddly, it has a date stamp of 1/16 so not sure why it didn’t update until 1/24. I haven’t heard from Granger yet either
  4. South Carolina Reduced Price - '22 Smoked Quartz Powerboost F150 FX4 - 2900 Miles

    That's a nice truck. I'm just over in Columbia. Do you know if the coil-overs were the new design for 21+ or for the previous gen?
  5. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Cool! Did your tracker update to Final preparation?
  6. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Glad it arrived so quick. I expect mine to arrive next week. Did you get an email from Ford or did Granger reach out?
  7. Was the GEN13 a better looking exterior?

    To each his own but I wouldn’t have seriously considered an F-150 until 21. Even then, I was turned off a little by all the chrome on the Limited and Platinum. To me, the BAP offered on the Platinum in 22 was the turning point that pulled me away from Ram. I’ve never owned a Ford truck so I’m...
  8. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    Welcome! Will you be able to offer members a discount? I’ll be purchasing tires in the next month and would certainly appreciate a member discount for ordering online. Thanks!
  9. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    As of today, my status changed from built to shipped
  10. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Yesterday I received an Email from Ford telling me production hasn't started: We understand it has been too long since you last heard from us. Just wanted to give you an update on the status of your F-150 PLATINUM order. While production of your vehicle was projected to begin the week of...
  11. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Windows Sticker received today, 12/22/22. Show a Blend date of 1/6/23. Ordered 11/15 - original build week was 12/19 but moved to Jan. 2 - Platinum 5.0, Agate Black, Platinum High, BAP, sunroof
  12. 2022 F150 powerboost Limited vs 2019 Ram 2500 6.7L Longhorn

    I understand what you mean on the interior. I sold my 21 Ram 1500 Limited and ordered a 23 f-150 Platinum. I feel like I slightly downgraded from an interior perspective. I lost HUD, digital rear view mirror, park assist and heated steering wheel. I did gain BlueCruise though. I haven’t received...
  13. What's on your car/parts Christmas list?

    I ordered all of my accessories on Black Friday as an early Christmas to myself. I ordered a Borla cat-back, Roush CAI, Roush level kit and UnderCover Armor Flex tonneau. The only problem is I got no truck to install it on. Hopefully my truck is built and shipped soon.
  14. 1/2/2023 Build Week

    Ordered 11/15 - original build week was 12/19 but moved to Jan. 2 - Platinum 5.0, Agate Black, Platinum High, BAP, sunroof
  15. 12/19/2022 Build Week - MY 2023

    I just got bumped to 1/2 of next year.
  16. sticker price

    8-10k off of a $60k truck is a bit aggressive in this market. That’s around 15%. The problem is there are few manufacturer rebates right now, so that discount would all come from the dealer. I’ve seen a dealership offer 10% below MSRP on 2023 orders but I don’t know if they would do the same...
  17. Decent APR Banks/Credit Unions

    Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union has 3.69 for 72 months. It’s lower for shorter terms.
  18. 12/19/2022 Build Week - MY 2023

    That's good news for you. Maybe Ford has figured out a way to move our 23 trucks through the line much faster. I guess we'll find out soon.
  19. Roush 2” Level on 2023 F-150

    Has anyone installed the Roush (Fox) 2” level on a 2023 F-150? Roush cannot confirm it will fit. TIA