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  1. MY2023 Heated Tow Mirrors? Did I get them?

    I know heated mirrors were added back into MY23 builds, but not the steering wheel. My sticker does show the heated steering wheel deleted. But how do you know you actually got heated "TOW" mirrors? There is no switch, as shown in the 2022 owner's manual. There is also no symbol on the...
  2. Source / Brand of Front 2" Hitch Receiver ?

    I was thinking about installing a 2" receiver on the front of the vehicle. I searched the forum finding only one thread that had any information. I use a winch on my trailer and previously on my Jeep that connects via a 2" receiver. Has anyone installed a 2" front receiver/hitch? Any pictures?
  3. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Picked up my truck on 12/10 and everything has been great until today. Hoping it is a reception glitch or something similar. The problem is my FordPass has not updated in 14 hours. I also can not lock/unlock or remote start from Ford Pass. It stopped updating when I got to work this...
  4. 2023 Owner's Manual Link

    Does anyone know if Ford has published the 2023 Owner's manual yet? I went to Ford.com, but they only have the warranty information available online. I did download the 2022 version since my assumption is there is little difference between '22 and '23.