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  1. Drivers side window buttons

    I have a weird issue on my 2022 f150. At times when I remote start, enter the vehicle and press the start button, my drivers side window and mirror buttons won’t light up or work. They won’t work until I press the window lock/unlock button. Then all buttons function properly. it almost seems...
  2. 2 different bilstein 5160s?

    On bilsteins website there are these part number25-311372. Which are labeled B8 5160s for $270per shock. They also have the regular 5160s that stage3 carries for $225 per shock. Both have reservoirs. anyone know the difference? 2022 f150
  3. Missing oil pan guard

    Anyone notice on their 22 f150 your missing the fabric “sound guard/wind deflector” thing that you have to remove for oil changes? got underneath mine today and noticed it wasn’t there….wondering if they just didn’t put it on or it’s gone with the 22s. Mine was built late august.
  4. King shocks out of business?

    Is king out of business? I can’t find them anywhere. Looking for the adjustable rears. Stage 3 is out and has no eta. Anyone know if the same shocks listed for the 2016-2020 would fit? They seem exactly the same.
  5. Difference?

    Anyone notice a difference if you’ve done the same mods from an older f150 to a 21+? I had a level and 305/70r17 method wheels and tires on it. My 2022 has same inch level and the same wheels and tires from the older truck. Is it just me or do these new ones ride rough if you change out tires...
  6. Will upgrading from 17x8.5 wheels (305/70) tire to 18x9 (295/70) tires require realignment?

    When I upgrade from 17x8.5 wheels (305/70) tire to 18x9 (295/70) tires will I need a realignment? There’s so many conflicting answers. Yes because it’s a taller wheel/tire combo. No because it doesn’t actually mess with suspension components and change the geometry? Any real world experience...
  7. Battery

    I’m disconnecting battery to attach ditch lights. Read somewhere on the 21+ if you just reconnect old battery you don’t have to do a bms reset but when you reconnect let it sit for 8 or more hours after? Why is this? Also do I really need to disconnect battery just to add these? Would I be...
  8. Here it is…. 2022 F150, 2.5” auto spring level, 17” methods

    Just had my auto spring level installed. 2.5” basically same level kit as stage 3’s 2.3”. Along with my 17” methods from my prior truck. 0 offset. I have max tow. 305/70 tires. Had to trim plastic valence on the corners. Other than that the ride home was fantastic. Still has 1.25” of rake...
  9. Front bumper!!

    Well took delivery finally. Got it home and noticed the front bumper is off by half inch or so. Crooked. Everything’s tight. But I’ll be taking it in already. Anyone else have this?
  10. Mirrors

    Anyone know if you can swap the tow mirrors out for the regular mirrors? I’ve seen people swapping FOR tow mirrors but not other way around. A dealer has a stock unit coming in and it has tow mirrors which I can do without.