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  1. FordPass problems, connectivity issues

    I have a '23. A couple of weeks ago, it stop connecting for 10 days. Before that, it was for 48 hours. I tried all the suggestions for fixing it, including unplugging the TCU. Tried different time frames, overnight, over the weekend, etc. Still no connectivity, and then one day it just...
  2. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    The TCU reset was about a week ago and worked great. However, as of this morning, it has been silent for 17 hours. The rumor is Ford will have an update soon. It can't come soon enough!
  3. MY2023 Heated Tow Mirrors? Did I get them?

    I know heated mirrors were added back into MY23 builds, but not the steering wheel. My sticker does show the heated steering wheel deleted. But how do you know you actually got heated "TOW" mirrors? There is no switch, as shown in the 2022 owner's manual. There is also no symbol on the...
  4. Meaning of different sliding color bands on the speedometer in driving modes?

    I just noticed this yesterday when I tried ECO mode for the first time and also wondered why. So I tried to look it up last night without any success. Very curious.
  5. How does one get the manuals and wiring diagrams and parts diagrams?

    Unfortunately, for the '23, they are not available yet. I am on Helm's email notification list as soon as they become available.
  6. Disable Double Honk w/ FORScan?

    I have not done it yet, but the spreadsheet shows Forscan can remove the double beep on the '21-'23. The double beep is annoying, and I will be doing that shortly. I have a 2020 Expedition and a different dongle. The dongle will not work on the '21-'23 F-150s. this is the dongle you need...
  7. Drivers Window Rub Noise

    Yes, it is worse on windy days too.
  8. Drivers Window Rub Noise

    When you mention wind noise, is this like the windows are not closed? I have gotten accustomed to my wind noise and don't even notice it anymore, but other drivers/passengers do notice it.
  9. Anyone get the Premium Maintenance Plan from Ford?

    I swore I would never buy a maintenance or extended service plan, but my wife talked me into the maintenance plan for our 2020 Expedition. As I get older, I am not as excited to go underneath a vehicle to wrench on it. Use to do my own work on all my vehicles, but the truck or Expedition will...
  10. Anyone else having issues with connectivity? Have deleted account from Ford Pass done numerous master resets, taken truck to dealer and no luck.

    Not happy this problem exists but happy I am not alone. I will be due for an oil change the first part of February, and hopefully, they will take care of this update.
  11. Anyone else having issues with connectivity? Have deleted account from Ford Pass done numerous master resets, taken truck to dealer and no luck.

    I had the same issue on my '23 502A. It seems to be an ongoing problem with the 2023 models. I unplugged the TCU multiple times and still had issues. Two days after my last attempt at unplugging, it magically started to work.
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I have not looked behind the driver's seat to see how much room is available. It has been reported if the truck is a PowerBoost, there is not a lot of room. I have the EcoBoost and looking through the side of the driver's rear seat, there appears to be plenty of room for what I want to put...
  13. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    My TCU has been intermittent since I picked it up on Dec 10, 2022. The longest stretch of the outage was on Jan 4 to Jan 13. In hopes of fixing the TCU, I unplugged it multiple times, leaving it unplugged for different amounts of time. My original time frame was 24 hours, as suggested by...
  14. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I store my jumper cables, tow strap, umbrella, and snow brush behind my passenger side rear seat. I plan on putting a moving blanket, ratchet straps, safety vest, and tarp behind the driver's side seat.
  15. BuiltRight rear seat latch

    Ordered one today! Been looking at them, and your post was the catalyst to order it! Thanks for the awesome post!
  16. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    I have the cable, but we are doing some renovations in our house, and I packed it away. I used it on my 2020 Expedition. The renovations started last February and were only going to be a couple of weeks. I also did not plan on buying a new truck when I packed it away, :cool: . Hmmm...
  17. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    I would be more than happy to send it to you and of course give you a "donation" via Paypal for your time. I will unplug it one more time and go from there. This weekend when I have access to my OBD2 dongle will try resetting the TCU too.
  18. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    I attached a picture of my connectivity menu. I did not realize the TCU must also do WiFI since I don't have connectivity to my home WiFi network either.
  19. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    January 4th is how long since I received my last position update on FordPass.
  20. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    It was not at the dealer other than to install the tonneau cover on December 22nd.