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  1. Tailgate won’t latch MN

    21 Job 1 F150 power tailgate - when it gets real cold around here in MN (sub 15degrees) I’ll open my tailgate, and when I go to close it, it doesn’t latch. any others experiencing this? lucky I have a heated garage so I can warm it up and then it will again latch…
  2. Check your air filters!

    I have 25k on my truck, live in the city. checked my filter, was dark brown dirty. bought a new one on Amazon… Motorcraft FA1883 Air Filter https://a.co/d/14QGjMr picked up 2mpg the next 500 miles. just a PSA.
  3. Tailgate Not Latching

    Anyone else have their tailgate not latch after opening? I live in MN so not sure if it’s a combo of cold and water, or a failing unlock motor. I took the work panel off the top of tailgate and manually reset the latch. With that being said. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Antimatter Blue & Chrome - Wheel Options?

    Thinking of getting tire and wheel combo... Anyone have pictures of aftermarket rims on a Antimatter Blue with Chrome f150? Not sure which direction I would go with the chrome and blue, (not sure black would look as good as I'd hope). TIA!
  5. Airbag Bulge (Anyone else?)

    Anyone else’s passenger side airbag under the glove box look like this?
  6. Weird roof bolts?

    Just took delivery, was wiping it down at home and saw this. not sure what these are for, if something is broken, or what other owners trucks look like in this spot.... This is top of roof, towards rear window.