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  1. Phone won't connect after Android Auto update

    Have you tried deleting the bluetooth pairing on the phone and the truck? I've had similar things happen with phone updates and making sure both devices "forget" each other has resolved those issues.
  2. F-150 In memory of my dad

    My sincere condolences on passing of your father. You have described a beautiful plan to honor his memory. May your family enjoy many happy years enjoying each other's company in the truck and camper.
  3. 22/23 Built and in Shipping Purgatory ETA (Estimated Time of Absurdity)

    Dealer emailed me that my truck has arrived and they are beginning their prep.
  4. 12/12/22 Build Week MY 23

    Dealer salesperson just emailed me that my truck arrived at their storage lot today.
  5. I'm being charged for options that are not on the truck that Ford delivered..

    One thing no one mentioned - if you have a trade in you might be able to recover the "extra" they are charging on the deleted options via "extra" trade in value. Having a current carmax or other "we will buy your car" quote and the car and driver/kbb valuation when you do that helps. We bought...
  6. 22/23 Built and in Shipping Purgatory ETA (Estimated Time of Absurdity)

    Wave when you drive by off the autotrain. The Lorton station is about 15 min or less from my house.
  7. Ford strikes again, this time the OTC parts warranty

    If that were the case, the dealers would be obligated to have a disclaimer posted on the warranty exclusion or only sell for installation to verified VIN numbers so you would need to provide a VIN before purchase to validate the warranty. Ford does not require this. Is it worth a fight for a $40...
  8. Ford strikes again, this time the OTC parts warranty

    Sad part is a dealer willing to maybe loose a vehicle purchasing customer over a $40 part that costs them less than $35. Not to mention the multi thousand dollar profit they probably see on these trucks.
  9. Ford strikes again, this time the OTC parts warranty

    The document makes zero mention that the part has to be replacing something originally installed on the vehicle from the factory or specificallylisted for a particular VIN (i.e. YOUR vehicle as claimed in the quoted section here) just that it has to be in the "authorized catalog." I would argue...
  10. New order mistake? Options?

    Honestly I would price a new order and compare the difference between that and purchasing the options. Tow mirrors are like $250 upcharge on the order but to purchase them as a later add on can be as much as $800 or even $1600 depending on options. Maybe do an inventory search and you can find...
  11. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Of course, but I can dream
  12. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    My HVAC control order was $113.85 (including tax & shipping) from the ebay seller graceautoparts. I put it in my ebay watched list and a day or so later I got an offer from the seller for $107.41.
  13. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    HVAC Controls are available on ebay. Y'all are a bad influence. Ebay seller just sent me a shipping notice. Wonder what shows up first, my truck or the HVAC control.
  14. Low 12v Battery Message

    I'm with the other guys who think you may have a bad auxiliary battery. If it is bad, it would put a constant load on the main battery and easily cause the discharge you are seeing overnight.
  15. F150 delivered to customer with missing chips, supposedly

    "Missing chips" - I bet it just had the deletions listed on the sticker and he wasn't happy about it (like the rest of us) but he has the $$$ to get things done.
  16. 22/23 Built and in Shipping Purgatory ETA (Estimated Time of Absurdity)

    I got the shipped email on Tuesday the 10th. ETA January 26 - February 1. Shipping by convoy. It's like a 9 or 10 hour drive from my dealer to Dearborn... I'm predicting a mid February arrival at the dealer at the earliest.
  17. 22/23 Built and in Shipping Purgatory ETA (Estimated Time of Absurdity)

    My 23 Limited was "built" on 12/27 according to Ford and awaiting shipping. I suspect what they mean is it was finished on 12/27 and sent out for the bedliner. It would be a nice surprise to have it before the end of January when I have to get my current vehicle state (VA) inspection done. My...
  18. 12/12/22 Build Week MY 23

    I don't see it on my sticker. YMMV
  19. 12/12/22 Build Week MY 23

    I had a thread but the subject line shows 22MY because I can't type worth crap. Ordered 10/3/2022 Limited Antimatter Blue. Email 11/17/22 with a VIN and estimated build week of 12/12/22 VIN shows Dearborn as assembly plant Window sticker went live 12/6/22 with a blend date of 12-Dec-2022 and...