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  1. Fender badge vinyl overlays ?

    If they ever show up, this guy seems like a scammer.
  2. 3rd brake light staying on after 5min

    Truck has not thrown any codes. The 3rd brake light decides after 5min it's going to turn on and stay on. If I hit the lock button it goes off for a bit then comes back on. Turns off when I get close to it with the key, different lights coming on seems to turn it off Doesn't do it while driving.
  3. RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Club

    Few updates to the front lights.
  4. Getting rid of chrome on a sport package.

    Waiting on the red letter fender badges and will be doing the chrome trim around the headlights as well.
  5. Swapping chrome exhaust tip

    Thanks, I was wondering how it was attached. Have a friend with an expander and he is very experienced welder so that is the easy part. I have been looking for a black square dual tip only found a few so far that might work.
  6. Easiest 12v cable install

    When I removed the factory sub it leaves a cellphone sized hole in the cab. I used this to run my 12v and had a buddy 3d print me a plug. Ran it to the passenger side over the frame with a few zip ties all the way to the battery.
  7. Nano ceramic window tint

    15% all the way around and 45% on the windshield. Cost $385 and is covered for life.
  8. Swapping chrome exhaust tip

    Was actually going to high temp paint mine today, Fords insistenceon still adding chrome to sport packages is annoying.
  9. Getting rid of chrome on a sport package.

  10. Changing the Lariat Sport Brown Accents

    I have a rapid red sport and it was a little different at first. I wiped the entire interior down with leather conditioner and it actually darkened just a little but made a huge difference. Tinting all of the windows helped as well.
  11. Help: F-150 Lariat Logo Template

    You could take a rubbing(paper rubbed with charcoal) over emblem. Or take the emblem off and send it to them.
  12. First Look: 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor - IN VELOCITY BLUE METALLIC!!

    Just want the headlights and bash plate, they can keep the weird orange stripe.
  13. Standard vs B&O Audio (Non-unleashed)

    I'm definitely upgrading the sub, ran a 4ga power and ground already. Found that when you take the factory sub out there is a gaping hole in the cab. I used this to run the 12v on the top of the frame to the battery, easiest power cable install I have done on an F150. Getting a friend to 3D...
  14. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    I had the dealer swap the tires from my trade ,same size Wildpeaks AT3 only had 1k on them so I figured it was worth a shot. The stock "AT" tires are a joke and would have been replaced either way.
  15. Fender badge vinyl overlays ?

    Ordered last night , so only time will tell, hopefully 2 instead of 4 weeks.
  16. Fender badge vinyl overlays ?

    Thanks, this is what I have been looking for, they offer the letters/numbers separately.
  17. Fender badge vinyl overlays ?

    Anyone find a source for precut wrap for the fender emblems? Can't stand chrome and Ford insist on continuing to add it to sport packages.
  18. RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Club

    Def a change coming from a lightning blue, but I love it.