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  1. Belt-driven starter?

    My Powerboost transitions from electric drive to ICE so smoothly that I thought Ford must be using the hybrid drive motor as a starter. Nope, the specs note a 'belt-driven starter used for the starter motor and water pump.' OK, so where is it? The drawings of the bare chassis indicate it is...
  2. Clearing recall notice in FordPass

    Yep, all they did was check a lot number code on the DS, and I was done in 10 minutes.
  3. Clearing recall notice in FordPass

    Got my truck checked for the driveshaft recall last week, and the recall alert notice still shows in FordPass. Is there something I am supposed to do to clear it, or is that up to the dealer?
  4. CarPlay, where are you?

    Well, this was news to me, and I read the whole manual and watched every video I could find. Wonder what changed it over to lose CarPlay. Works now. Thanks.
  5. CarPlay, where are you?

    CarPlay was there, now it's not. Worked fine, then had some IOS update, now it's gone. Tried all the standard stuff - reboot Bluetooth, reboot CarPlay on iPhone. Disconnect, reconnect. No joy. IOS 14.6. Any ideas?
  6. No gas gauge in FordPass?

    So update 3.23.0 has dropped. Wonder if that fixed it
  7. No gas gauge in FordPass?

    How does one give bug reports to them about FordPass? Don't see anything in the the app to do so.
  8. No gas gauge in FordPass?

    I have 3.22.0 as well, and now it is back... Cue the Twilight Zone theme music...
  9. No gas gauge in FordPass?

    With the last FordPass app update, it seems the gas gauge and miles to empty has disappeared. Anyone know why?
  10. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Test pull today was perfect, no issues. This truck pulls as good or better than my previous one, which was a Super Duty. Taking horses for a ride this afternoon.
  11. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Got mine installed today, easy peasy they said, two hours total. Test pull Thursday...
  12. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Mine is getting installed tomorrow. So, Adam, your installation was trouble-free?
  13. Engineering Mode?

    Ah yes, of course, the Windows 97 classic software fix...
  14. Engineering Mode?

    He forgot to mention how to get out of Engineering test mode...
  15. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Glad to hear you were able to get one, too. I already have a gooseneck two-place horse trailer, which with two horses, is around 5K. I agree that they tow better, and I like that the tongue weight is applied right over the center of the axle, not hanging out back off the receiver mount.
  16. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    NEWS FLASH! Got a voice mail late Friday from Stephanie at B&W, who said the Turnoverball gooseneck hitches are released for retail orders direct from the factory -IF you have called them, left your contact info, and are on their list of interested customers. B&W is not accepting orders from...
  17. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Called my B&W install dealer today to see if they could start ordering hitches this week like B&W customer service said. The dealer said they know what to order, but hitches are not available yet. The B&W factory reps who call on my dealer tell a completely different story than customer...
  18. Linex vs Rhino Lining

    Another liner for your consideration is Bullet Liner, which is what is in my Lariat PB. Supposedly some key people left Line-X and started Bullet Liner. My 2013 SD Lariat had a LIne-X, with no issues, no fading.
  19. B&W gooseneck for 2021 F150 availability?

    Called B&W yesterday, they said letters will be sent to dealers next week, telling them what numbers to order.
  20. F150 Windshield recall

    Many questions on this recall. Is there a test the dealer can run to see if the windshield needs to be resealed? Leak test maybe? Can a windshield be removed without breaking it? Can I sign off if I don't want my windshield broken and replaced? If my dealer were to send me to some glass...