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  1. Pro Trailer Assist

    Ive tried multiple times and can’t get the yaw sensor to ever calibrate. Tried slow turns, sharp turns, left, right etc. I’ve remounted the sensor and verified all connections. Will give it one more try then take back to dealership in case it’s a bad sensor. Have it on a 22’ pontoon trailer.
  2. Finally got my air dam off!

    With all the sensors and electronics these days in the new trucks it doesn’t take much for the prices to climb for repairs.
  3. New trailer sensor won’t calibrate?

    I know the truck side is good. Will recheck the trailer side. May also relocate sensor on trailer as I’ve read of those that got the sensor wet when launching boats and the sensor quit working. Mine hasn’t been connected when launching but you never know I guess.
  4. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    My wife has had more seat time than me in my power boost with multiple trips from Atlanta to Ohio. It seems to consistently get about 22.3 Mpg with mixed driving through mountain/city/highway. This is with 4wd which is better than my Highlander got.
  5. New trailer sensor won’t calibrate?

    So I have a new Lariat with power boost and the tow technology package and backup assist. I’ve mounted the new sensor on my pontoon trailer per instructions. When I try and calibrate I drive straight when it tells me, I turn when it says etc. I’ve tried tight turns, general turns, slow turns...