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  1. Peragon bed cover installed

    Looks sharp, i was between this cover and the one i have (Sentry CT). Just wasn't sure about how easy it was to remove and the brackets at the front of the box.
  2. Box tied down anchors defective?

    I had the same issue with the ones closest to the cab. Took off the bracket and hammered them in from the back side. Just a tight fit.
  3. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    The originals are still up for sale. The bf's weren't cheap. 1500 plus install.
  4. Truxedo Sentry CT

    Just put my CT on this week. 15 mins and it was on. Heffer86, no issues closing it. Very easy to lock in place.
  5. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    What Wifi plug are you using? Up here in Canada I could certainly use this next winter.
  6. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Same as the stock that come on the 20 inch wheels.
  7. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Just an extra line on my purchase agreement. I was hoping they could work something out with the factory tires. They tell me I'll do better selling them privately.
  8. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    BF Goodrich KO2s. I have toyo at2s on my current f150 and love having the AT tires. So i thought i would give the KO2s a try since i see them everywhere.
  9. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    I had to order them through the parts dept. Saved me the hassel of doing it later. Now to sell the factory tires.
  10. 2/15 Build Week

    Update on my truck: Order Date 19/12/20 Build Date 01/03 Ship Date (KC) 04/03 ETA End Date: 01/04 Deal called me today, landed 24/03, pick up on Monday. Dealer already swapped the shoes.
  11. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Update on my truck: Order Date 19/12/20 Build Date 01/03 Ship Date (KC) 04/03 ETA End Date: 01/04 Deal called me today, landed 24/03 (Uxbridge)
  12. Anyone received a rolling aluminum cover?

    I have a truxedo sentry ct waiting in my garage for my truck.
  13. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Once your Rep gives you the shipping details (rail car number) use this number 1-888-999-8111 ( press 1 then 1). I was able to track mine from KC to Toronto. Took just under a week from the ship date for it to land at the Toronto Yard. Now I hear it could be 2 weeks for them to move it up to...
  14. AGATE BLACK F-150 (2021+) Club

    Thanks for the info. I'm getting out of a 2017 SCREW with toyo at 2s. So looking forward to see what these can do.
  15. AGATE BLACK F-150 (2021+) Club

    The same size that come with the 20 inch rims. Start with stock and see what others do. What are yours?
  16. AGATE BLACK F-150 (2021+) Club

    Love the truck, nice to see the KO2, dealer is going to be putting them on mine. I`ll be sure to add a photo or two once I take delivery in a week or two.
  17. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Not that I`m aware of, called the 888 number with the railcar info that my dealer provided me with our last update and the automation tracks it down to its last check in. Takes 45 seconds. You will need the rail car number, don`t worry about the letters, from your dealer once its shipped.