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  1. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    Waiting for 22 or 23 for things to get back to normal. Hope everyone gets Vaccinated ! Quit being dumb ! Got sick and tired of all the lies in 20/early 21
  2. sneak peak - 2022 F150

    Thats the 10 speed Hybrid transmission Pic with the hybrid electric motor in the transmission case.
  3. sneak peak - 2022 F150

    See the Motor in the transmission yields near 45 additional HP. ((Hybrid)) Available in the crew cab configuration, the hybrid version of the F-150, called the PowerBoost, combines a 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 to a 47 hp (35 kW) hybridmotor/generator between the engine and transmission. A 1.5 kWh...
  4. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    stopping a production lines means it stops, say 7 PM. stops. thas it . Things like painting stop much sooner hours earlier. Stop means thas it ! done. start up again at a later date. Parts do not come to the line. The place is basically Mt. except for the line of disappointment ! No...
  5. Kansas City plant are they up and running

    Passing on a new Ford 150 Hybrid until a 2.7 L. maybe in 22 or 23 is available. All built this year are in the sun and smoking until parts come in to finish the electronics etc. Mostly the Batteries and Chips / replacement parts and Batteries do not exist and will not exist for years !
  6. The Safe Hybrid Battery Joke thread !

    Move ahead to about 9 minute area to actually hear his early Comedy.
  7. 2021 F-150 Lightning With Extended Battery May Get ~460 Miles Range, Unloaded!

    The way these cross and head winds blow me around in a Aluminum truck, I'm thinking lucky to get 300 and the extended battery adds another $$$$$ to the cost !
  8. The Safe Hybrid Battery Joke thread !

    A couple lived near the ocean and walked the beach a lot. One summer they noticed a girl who was at the beach pretty much every day. She wasn’t unusual, nor was the travel bag she carried, except for one thing. She would approach people who were sitting on the beach, glance around, then speak...
  9. Maybe adding can help

    Looks like Deer got into the Pickle Plants and nibbles away. Tomatoes are standing 3 feet high. Potatoes also. Next hear a higher fence is asking to be in existence !
  10. The Safe Hybrid Battery Joke thread !

    Lil Johnny went to Oklahoma for a Week and witnessed a big storm on the 1st.weekend, there was a blackout and He couldn't go outside. After a while the batteries on Lil Johnny's laptop and phone had run out so Lil Johnny read the newspaper and finished his latest book. After that there was...
  11. What Cha listening to !

    Enjoy the next near 6 hours if you want 2 !
  12. The Safe Hybrid Battery Joke thread !

    Hope I got more than 100 amp Breaker Box cause all my kids are bringing their E-CARS this weekend !
  13. Maybe adding can help

    The ^ arrow points to the former thread that you could choose to add a portion of your wisdom in ! I will start it off ! ^the big elephant ears turned out to be Squash that just started growing in the Planter & the Lil Woman trimmed so she can see her flowers also growing in it !
  14. The Safe Hybrid Battery Joke thread !

    Lil Johnny is shopping for a new Puter ! He sees Myrosift has the 11 and after reading all the pages of crap realizes that its simply a Mac copy ! So Lil Johnny calls Mr. Dickerson and asks him what should I do ? Mr. Dickerson reply's, "You know Lil Johnny that I only ask how many...
  15. What Cha listening to !

    Charlies paid and out late on a Thursday night !
  16. Good points about the F-150 Lightning

    Think what I see, the Lightening power system is designed for 75 to 175 miles a day commuter mostly Businesses needs and daily commuter, going past that gets very expensive. I can buy one for the at home run around but weekend needs really are near 600 mile round trips. I do like the...
  17. Good points about the F-150 Lightning

    The Model S Tesla battery coolant actuator Most likely this shuts down in a frontal crash as the 12 volt battery is up front along with the coolant temp exchanger, I believe !
  18. Good points about the F-150 Lightning

    I see a Tesla needed over 20,000 gallons of water to quench a Battery fire after a wreck, also garage fires requiring about the same over 12 hours. Tesla says cool the battery with water. 400 volts of smoking. Seems a small choice to make here. Thinking take out a great Insurance premium 2 !
  19. The Safe Hybrid Battery Joke thread !

    Grown up lil Johnny is a looser & is depressed Lil Johnny parked his car in the garage and left it running for hours with the garage doors closed. Finally Lil grown up Johnny came inside the house after spending most of the night in the Garage. Grown up Lil Johnny realized he had a E-Car with...