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  1. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    So true, but you can’t let flat Earther‘s have free rain, otherwise we will be having a repeat of Jan 6th every 4 years.
  2. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    Those were purely disgusting rants. Nothing like going to an EV forum and telling everyone your are a rich ass who screws the taxpayers, and then acts like it’s their fault. Typical right wing, “global warming isn’t real“ attitude.
  3. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    Yes, and much more practical. It would be an advantage if the truck could feed the batteries as well.
  4. Patent shows how electric F-150 EV could be powered by gasoline

    If you want a hybrid, just buy one, sheesh, is their a disconnect about why we are trying to get off of fossil fuels?
  5. $12,500 tax credit possible?

    I think you will need two EV’s , so you have one powering your house while the other is charging.
  6. Who's an Electric F-150 shopper?

    Yeah, lets not blame Texas creating their own grid so they could ignore regulations, on the power outages.
  7. Ford F-150 Lightning: 85-mpg gasoline vehicle footprint, will keep getting cleaner with the grid

    You bet, going from well over 1,000 drive train parts to less than 20!
  8. Ford F-150 Lightning realistic delivery dates

    I would suspect that is due to chip shortage, more gadgets, more chips needed.
  9. Lithium EV vs Up coming Solid State EV

    Good luck on waiting, I would imagine you will be waiting to well past 2025. Keep in mind, they can already make Solid state batteries, just not in quantity or cost effectively. Lithium will continue to go down in price over the next decade, and possibly by then solid state may begin to take...
  10. Answers & Pics From F-150 Lightning Event & Product Experts

    Seems like Ford is missing a great opportunity, living in Oklahoma, there is a ford dealer every 30 miles, charges are much more scarce.
  11. 📊 Poll: Are you getting a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning? 🛻⚡️

    It seems like a valid point, and many oil lovers have used this argument often, as it is though, renewable energy is far out pacing electric cars, and with ford adding the ability to peek shave, then the problem is pretty much mute, and will most likely save you money, and cut down on the stress...
  12. Does the F150 charge on either side?

    Perhaps I missed something, I see in the videos that the truck is charging from the drivers side, however I have also seen photos of the charging cover on the right side of the truck, is it there to confuse us, or am I seeing things?
  13. Why the low ground clearance for Lightning?

    I'm hoping in a few years that the lightning will have air shock option... along with a 500 mile version, till then I will make due with this one.
  14. Official 2022 F-150 Lightning Specs, Pricing, Photos & Videos!

    Yeah, I looked at the spreadsheet earlier today, now I'm hoping they are really going to make more than 30,000 next year. :-)
  15. Nearly 45k F-150 Lightning reservations received in under 48 hours

    Glad I read this thread, I think there are 30,000 orders ahead of me, so I was wondering if I would get one next year. It does surprise me that the will have enough batteries for 80,000 orders.
  16. Official 2022 F-150 Lightning Specs, Pricing, Photos & Videos!

    I hope that they started counting at 10810000, that would make me 10,000th in line.
  17. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    Are you referring the, (poorly eluded to), electric Bronco?
  18. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    1> How many lightning's will Ford make in 2022? 2> What is the price of the extended range option? 3> In reference to chargers at ford dealers: - Will the charges be 150K ? - How many ford dealers will have chargers by the end of next year? - How many chargers will be at each...