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Search results

  1. Rear lowering shackles - prior gen fit 2021?

    Hi! Anyone know if the rear lowering shackles from the previous gen (2015-2020) fit the 2021s? Thanks!
  2. Build week pushed back 3 weeks!

    Just got an update from my dealership - my build week has been pushed back three weeks - originally next week, now the first week of February. Boo! Wondering if anyone else is seeing their schedule slip like mine? XLT Sport 4x2 Supercab 5.0L
  3. Black bits in grills - plastic or painted finish?

    Hi! I've seen plenty of photos online of the various grills, but it's really hard to tell - are the black bits (whatever is not chrome or body color) on the various grills painted black or just black plastic? On the XL it's surely just black plastic, but I wonder about the other models...
  4. Happy thanksgiving all!

    Hope everyone has a great turkey day. Stay safe everyone. This year I'm thankful my '07 Ranger is still running great, because it sure looks like I will need it for a few more months :p Hope everyone gets their trucks soon! Cheers!
  5. Window Stickers Explained

    Once the dealer gives me my VIN (expecting it soon...) is there a way I can get the window sticker?