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  1. Post a Pic of Your F150 and We’ll Rate It

    Got a brand new F150 with all the bells and whistles? Very cool. Got an old F150 that's seen every phase of your life? Beautiful. What about one that you've actually taken out around the farm like in the commercials? Love to see it. We love seeing all the F150s on the form. Post a picture of...
  2. Sold it on Carmigo

    After you sell your car on Carmigo, post the sale here.
  3. This Weekend Only, We’ll Help You Sell Your Car for Free

    Save $350 This Black Friday Weekend No Sell Fee When You Complete Your Profile before Nov. 28 To get in the holiday spirit, we’re helping everyone sell their car for free this weekend (but only if you complete your profile between now and Sunday). You don’t even have to sell this weekend to...
  4. Used F150s Sold for $3,500 More on Carmigo in October than Carvana and Vroom

    In October, F150s on the Carmigo marketplace sold for 20% more than what Vroom and Carvana offered, which comes out to thousands of extra dollars on nearly every F150 we sold last month. For instance, a 2018 F150 with 81,523 miles sold on the Carmigo marketplace for about $4,000 more than...
  5. Carmigo Makes it Easier to Sell Your Car - Here's How

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to the Carmigo process in case you’re thinking about selling your car: What You Do: Go to this page to start building your car’s profile. You’ll be taken to a web application that will help you take 13 pictures of your car. Answer a few questions about your car’s...
  6. Carmigo Introduction

    Hey, y’all, we’re Carmigo, and we’re pumped to be here. Since we’re a used-car marketplace, we keep up with car market trends and have a lot of dealership vets on the team. If you have questions about market trends or buying/selling your vehicle (on Carmigo or anywhere else), hit us up. We’d...