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  1. SD Truck Springs

    I just want to put a quick post up so if you are ordering from them, make sure they have your product IN STOCK! I placed an order on 10/10, billed right away to my PayPal account, I waited 3 weeks with no shipping info or correspondence from them, when I did call them they stated it was not in...
  2. Load a picture of your truck in FordPass app (instead of generic image)?

    Mine shows mine as built. What I really want is my dash to show MY truck during start up, now that’ll be cool.
  3. Wired up my side vent ambient lighting LED (proper wiring colors inside)

    My biggest issue was the flexibility of my strips, the 3M were stiff, they didn’t want to conform to the inside curvature of the vent. I ended up heating them to form and used the 3M flex putty to hold them secure. I do have thoughts of replacing them with Amber tho.
  4. Wired up my side vent ambient lighting LED (proper wiring colors inside)

    I believe any quality strip that’s waterproof and to your color liking is usable
  5. Wired up my side vent ambient lighting LED (proper wiring colors inside)

    Not sure that you looked into the website or not, but I did mine with leftovers from various LED lighting projects. And I did the entire installation from directions off the website page I’ll list here...
  6. Trailer brake recall

    Got mine done, dropped of on a Wednesday night, picked it up Friday after work. Haven’t had to tow yet, but they claimed it’s been updated.
  7. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Was out and about today, looked at my 360 while leaving a lot, couldn’t see any blurred or transitions on my screen. Maybe I got lucky
  8. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Leer 100XL I didn’t go for any of the extras, keyless entry, removable front window, carpet headliner, just a cap with an interior light. After I tinted the windows the only other mod I’ll do is led strip lights, really dark inside at night.
  9. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Why do you think the 360 is affected?
  10. Show me your leveled trucks!

    I ordered the HD compressor and the single path gauge from SD Truck Springs almost a month ago, still hasn’t shipped, another week or so and I’ll need a refund to buy elsewhere. The WiFi model does look sweet.
  11. Show me your leveled trucks!

    are you running an on board compressor for the bags?
  12. Show me your leveled trucks!

    285/60/18’s on stockers Bilstein 5100 2.1” fronts Bilstein 5100 rears AirLyft 5000 bags on rear. damn near level
  13. Gave up on Bronco wait, happier with newish F150!

    Didn’t know there was a big wait on the Bronco’s. I snapped this last week at Wayne Assembly while waiting for my contractor between pours. I love the throw back color and wheels, my cousin from the Deep South had one, same color scheme, we tore up the levee’s down on the Mississippi delta long...
  14. Fall 2022 Truck Pics - Post Em!

    After this mornings hunt, NW Michigan
  15. Tow mirror camera cover

    I hand wash whenever I can, but when it’s witch Titty cold, $6 is an easy decision
  16. Tow mirror camera cover

    Yes, my right side came off the 1st trip thru the car wash(please don’t give me the side eye, was January in Michigan), I went back to try and find it, no luck. I too looked into buying a replacement, they wanted $90 or so, I walked away extremely disappointed that a stupid piece of plastic was...
  17. Power to trailer when engine is off

    Yes, I’d like to find a solution to this also, PITA when the lights go out while inside!
  18. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    SHE, might have adjusted the fogs, but not for sure.
  19. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Well I didn’t do it, but my dealer adjusted my headlights yesterday, my leveling kit made the low beams super strength, so now if your in SE Michigan I won’t be blinding you at night. Your welcome
  20. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    Thank you!!! I actually asked my service writer about it, he was less than helpful, but in reading this thread, I understand that’s kinda common. So I’m the mean time, I’ll keep looking for the next update