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Search results

  1. What does rake mean?

    I'm not sure, but I thought someone on here, a while back mentioned something about the trucks rake. Because I don't want to raise my front end to level it. I just want to lower the rear, maybe 2 or 3 in. to make my 305/35 24 rims and tires look a little better. Please school this old rookie?
  2. Convoy tracking?

    Is there a way to track by convoy or a specific truck? 🤔
  3. Tracking my shipping

    I have my VIN #, but I thought there might be another way to track my 2023 Lariat. To see if it's on a rail or on a truck. I think the VIN #s have some meaningful features. Like the type of engine, type of truck, model year etc. I would love to track it every where it goes and stops. I know I'm...
  4. 3.5L PowerBoost Battery Tender

    My 2023 Lariat Sport Powerboost is supposed to be shipped this week. But, we know it won't be. In the meantime, I'm looking into buying a battery tender. Please, if someone could give the names of some good ones, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ordered on 7/30/22, truck being shipped 11/15/22-11/21/22

    I was notified November 12th 2022 that my build started. I was notified today which is November 15th 2022, is that my build is ready to be shipped between November 15th which is today and November 21st. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
  6. $2000 Exclusive Cash

    Has anyone else received this email from Ford?
  7. 2023 build pushed back

    I just received an email from Ford Motor Company tonight, informing me that my October 17th bill, has been pushed back until October 31. Has anyone else received this bad news?
  8. Would 26" aftermarket wheels & tires void warranty?

    I would like to know if anyone knows, if if I put 26" low profile tires and rims on my 2023 lariat sport, what they void the warranty?
  9. Vehicle scheduled for production

    I've just been notified that my 2023 F-150 Lariat sport crew has been scheduled for production. For me to track it I need the VIN number and the order number. They gave me the VIN number but I can't find the order number. Do I get the order number from the dealer, because I don't see it on my...
  10. My 2023 F150 build delay

    I received this email from Ford yesterday. It says, we understand it has been too long since you last heard from us. Today, they wanted to give you an update on the status of your F-150 Lariat order. Unfortunately, continue supply chain issues are slowing things down. We're working diligently to...
  11. PowerBoost MPG mileage averages?

    What kind of mileage averages are you guys getting?
  12. Trying to understand the new 2023 build

    In a Ford Authority article I read there is going to be a refresh for the F-150. It's probably me, but I'm not understanding when it will happen. It says in 2023, it states it is for the 2024 model. Can someone please explain this to me?