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  1. Any idea what the heck this is?

    An exhaust weep hole drains water in the system. One of the products of combustion is water. It will condense on the cold metal of the exhaust system. This then puddles in low points. Guess what? Another combustion product is Sulfuric acid and it condenses also. The fastest way to rot out an...
  2. Decent APR Banks/Credit Unions

    Didn't say they're offering that now... as the prime rate goes up other interest rates go up. Still I've found the NFCU to be one of the best.
  3. Decent APR Banks/Credit Unions

    The way rates are changing... no surprise there. Mine's a few months old...
  4. Factory tire lifespan

  5. Decent APR Banks/Credit Unions

    2.04% Navy Federal Credit Union... :-)
  6. My 2021 F150 EcoBoost burned down while driving it

    I'm wondering if this is related to the direct injection of gasoline. Thus a high pressure fule line(s) could separate at a union or crack... Then gasoline would be spraying out causing a fire... Notably these are not battery fires as the location is way off from the battery.
  7. Transmission Fault

    I have now had several occurences of the Shift System having a fault. This then results in the shifter being moved back to the Park position and it won't go. At the end of the day allowing the truck to warm up clears the problem. Any ideas out there?
  8. Powerboost Battery Longevity

    Battery lifetime is, in part, determined by the purity of its components. The higher the specified purity the higher the cost. Ford was embarrassed with the Escape Hybrid Traction Batteries. They stocked up on replacement batteries in anticipation of failures. They did not see anywhere near the...
  9. Best Oil and oil filter for 5.0?

    I prefer AmsOil. Typically I use 0W-30. I use a Canton Racing Products 8µ filter. That is far better than any typical filter. Those are likely 30-50µ.
  10. F-150 on fire :-(

    The good news is that the lithium battery, if its a PowerBoost, was not involved...
  11. Buying a Powerboost off the lot - any concerns about old blend date?

    Keep in mind, if it was sitting and waiting for chips... it was sitting in the Detroit area, or maybe Kansas City... anyway not so dry as Colorado I believe while it sat.... But give it a run. BTW if you haven't run the twin turbo V-6, it's a rocketship, be careful when passing you can piss off...
  12. Consumer Reports List Powerboost On Least Reliable

    Doesn't match my experience. Been a CR subscriber for many years. When I was looking at buying an F-150 PB I checked out CR. Mine's a 21 and so there was really only straight F-150 info. It was good and I have a 2006 Escape Hybrid which is doing fine at 15 years, so I bought. My 21 is running...
  13. Buying a Powerboost off the lot - any concerns about old blend date?

    I see no issue... But on delivery you might consider taking it out on an Interstate and giving it a good long run. The purpose in my mind is get all of the moisture out that could have worked its way into various out of the way places and even into various multi-pin plugs. This run will also...
  14. Powerboost Cavitating Noise on Cold Start

    Ford technical documentation provided to dealers is not accurate. I've had my transmission fluid changed three times. The first time it ended up getting "overfilled" and wouldn't engage gears and move until they reduced the level by a quart. They had to both reduce the level and reset the...
  15. Minimum floor jack height

    Agreed. Always use a jackstand and put the floor jack under the same axle with a touch of weight on it. EG You then have two things carrying weight... As to the HF unit, I lost faith in them some years ago. Still a good floor jack is worth its weight in gold, but remember, these are hydraulic...
  16. Oil Brand Recommendations

    I've used AmsOil for some 15 years, before that MobilOne. Only full synthetic oils will give the long life I want. My 92 Suburban went to 2021 on MobilOne, original engine and still getting 3-4,000 miles per qt. Why did I shift? MobilOne became too hard to get the weight oil I use.
  17. Oil Brand Recommendations

    Remember: Ford's recommendations are designed to get you to your trade-in. :-)
  18. Powerboost Cavitating Noise on Cold Start

    As to oil level... I come back to my experience. In having the oil & filter changed there were problems. On the third round I had the dealer measure how much oil was actually drained: 7 & 1/2 qts. Thus if the Ford procedure specified less than that to be added, the oil level was low. I have been...
  19. Powerboost Cavitating Noise on Cold Start

    I'm beginning to wonder if there is design problem. Every Automatic transmission I've had and changed the fluid on, had a filter designed so that the suction for the pump was part of the filter and thus low in the pan. I've had one of the filters for this transmission out and it does not have a...
  20. Powerboost Cavitating Noise on Cold Start

    I believe it will not solve the problem although the above may be a part of the problem. On the third of three fluid & filter changes by a Ford Dealer that I trust, I asked politely (& firmly) to have the tech measure the amount of fluid drained (the good news is the Service Advisor agreed this...