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  1. Rear Intelligent Door Handles?

    seems some dont exactly understand the OP's request. Yes, you can set up your settings to unlock ALL doors when you touch the drivers side door handle but thats not exactly what hes saying. yes you can open your drivers door and unlock all doors...thats not what hes saying either. Hes asking...
  2. 3.5 EB Rough Idle and shudder

    hmm, so i have a 22 3.5 Eco and (knock on wood) havent noticed a rough idle BUT have noticed multiple times the shudder. i can be doing 45-60mph and then just straight punch the throttle to the floor (normal mode usually)and notice a shudder shaking sensation. kinda of freaks me out but its not...
  3. 2021-2023 F-150 Ford Performance Leveling Kit (by Bilstein) is released

    may have to finally pony up for these...looks great guys! love hearing how you guys feel about these over stock.
  4. Christmas lights, anyone install on their 14th gens?

    Nothing glamorous about this. A little foam and electrical tape (tonneau has some sharp edges) and boom. It’s temporary though. Ordered 200 black zip tie sticky pads haha
  5. Let’s see your 2021+ long-bed Supercrews (157” wheelbase)

    how many miles on your truck? the more i see this the more i worry
  6. Christmas lights, anyone install on their 14th gens?

    i had a small run of lights (green, red, white) so i did a mock run in the dark. theres some learning to do on how to things to work but i have a good idea as of now. i think i need more lights though haha
  7. What Past Ford Paint Color Would You Like to See Come Back?

    i actually prefer abyss grey over lead foot which i wouldnt mind them bring back. something about metallic or pearl paints over flat with shiny clear...to each their own. also, almost all manufacturers are going to the 50 shades of grey palatte. i know my truck is black and all but its because...
  8. Christmas lights, anyone install on their 14th gens?

    @Sapphire thats exactly what i was thinking. just wrapping them around the bed. i thought about "designing" a christmas tree on my tonneau but then worried what would i do if i needed to roll the damn thing up haha @Madman so you ran essentially an extension cord zip tied under your truck...
  9. Christmas lights, anyone install on their 14th gens?

    you know whats funny, until this post i didnt think anything of this. but with the outlet in the back i'm thinking of throwing some around the bed now. some multi colored leds along the bed rails would be kinda neat.
  10. Anyone order a Hot Pepper Red?

    heres my take. I LOVE Rapid Red. Its like a nice candy red with a slight orange tinge. hot pepper red looks even more orange than red to me. its been a color on the ranger for a while as mentioned about but man i cant seem to like how the ranger looks. i think hot pepper red would be great with...
  11. What Past Ford Paint Color Would You Like to See Come Back?

    none of these are my trucks but since ford is all about "special editions or colors they should offer either forged green (current timberline expedition color) or this older green, gem green metallic to the tremor line up!
  12. Making the interior bed light turn on/off with tailgate position

    when you open the tailgate, standing looking into the bed of the truck, should be on your left close to the tail light on the side wall about 10" up between the tail light and the bed light.
  13. Just received my 2023 XL Rattler!

    very cool @ThiccFilA i was always a VW guy. i love shifting my own gears...then i bought a house and got tired of cramming stuff in my wifes SUV or trying to figure out what would fit in the VW. so i bought a 2017 F150 XLT 302A. then gas went roaring! sadly, i couldnt afford to drive the damn...
  14. Just received my 2023 XL Rattler!

    yeah the ol ball and chain told me not to get a lariat but after 2 XLT's i told her too bad haha and youre welcome. a ton of knowledgeable people here.
  15. Just received my 2023 XL Rattler!

    yo! guy from Reddit. truck looks good man. i'm still on the fence how i feel about the wheels. i mean, i like the tremor wheels but wish they were black. vinyl floors look kinda neat though i would hate it personally haha anyway, glad to see ya here on gen14. awesome truck and glad you got it...
  16. Dark Bronze Wheels?

    you have the code?
  17. If you can turn your console into a table, why not your steering wheel too?

    i could imagine now...driving down the interstate and someone using Blue Cruise writing emails, eating a meal, watching a movie on a laptop haha
  18. Dark Bronze Wheels?

    please elaborate
  19. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    ive thought about that as well. at that point i could at least color match since my truck is agate. oh, i ended up buying the front and rear BAP ford badges but one showed up broke :( waiting for a new set. whats bothering me is now its 50° or less outside and removing clips and all this...
  20. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    i want to do this so bad but man, they are an expensive mod for some plastic haha