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  1. OTA Power-Up 3.5.4

    my last update was 3.5.2 on 9/17/22. nothing since. but I see my F150 and Escape callign home on (as viewed on my Palo Alto firewall) several times per day.
  2. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    One sure way to see the difference is drive down the road following someone from a distance, or with someone coming torwards you and turn glare free off in the menu, you will see the light disapear on the sides of the road
  3. Erratic cruise control

    mine sometimes reads signs wrong some times. I know one in my development shows 25 but the cruise every time jumps to 35 when I pass that sign.
  4. Add Using Pro Power to power furnace?

    depends on what your furnace is. to some people a furnace is just some old oil burner. to others its a complicated device with 240v ECM blower motor that speeds up and slows down as needed.
  5. My 2021 F150 EcoBoost burned down while driving it

    If you put a fire extinguisher in any vehicle, you MUST bolt it down! your at much higher risk if being in an accident than a fire, and in an accident that fire extinguisher is going to become a missile if its not bolted down. (my buddy got hit in head and hurt his neck pretty good during a...
  6. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I would be interested to know if I have anything that needs updated, and what is in the plans for OTA updates. I did get one on 9/17 that says "this gets me ready for more" but no more came. 1FTEW1C87NKD74371 I see on my Firewall the truck calls home all the time to "check in" but I wonder if...
  7. Solutions for weight sag in rear?

    I don't think I read what kind of popup camper you have, does it have an A frame hitch on it? I would think the correct fix would be weight distribution hitch. You can get them for not much over $300 bucks, many WITH sway control. One thing I can tell you about RV's is you will be getting a...
  8. Auto Wipers and Snow

    is this auto pipe once feather what that " courtesy wipe" setting is in the Sync screen?
  9. How to never miss a OTA software update! [Instructions]

    am I the only one with a May 2022 truck not receiving this update with the new Screen? I know OTA works because I received one 9/17 for the one that says "this update makes your truck ready to receive more updates". I have special rules in my home firewall (palo alto) so I can watch the...
  10. New Scout EV Pickup & SUV site is live!

    This chart shows electric production for state of California.
  11. Hard Roll Up vs. Hard Folding Tonneau

    I did not need racks, but that is a nice system they have where side rack support is incorporated into the rail for the hard rolling cover.
  12. Hard Roll Up vs. Hard Folding Tonneau

    I love my retraxONE tonneau cover
  13. New recall: Front Park Lamp Flicker (NHTSA # 22V686)

    Wonder if this is going to stop my glarefree from working
  14. Unreal Theme/75th Anniversary Splash/Climate Controls

    I have 4.0.22012, so I guess I need to continue to wait for something higher before I can proceed?
  15. 2023 F-150 Build & Price is Up!!

    So glad I stumbled onto my truck in June 2022. (someone ordered it and walked away). If I had passed and ordered a 2023 it would have cost $6800 more for what I have now. its almost like I got a free lariat High package and the 3.5 over the 2.7. I am loving it.
  16. new to PowerBoost - how to drive it.

    my only input is from our Escape Hybrid. its my wife's car. we drive mostly 55mph highway with red lights every couple miles: She always gets like 43mpg. But when you ride with her she is a driver that speeds up than lets off the throttle than speeds up over and over. Sometimes its so bad I...
  17. Moving from Rail to Convoy

    not that I recall, accept driving past your dealer to see if its there. They tend to unload it and put it up front on the line for a day or 2 to draw in potential customers in an attempt to get them to order new trucks. on my ranger I just showed up and there it was, so I asked to take it for...
  18. Random ‘bong’ sound from infotainment system

    could be an alert from your phone (like a text coming in). I had one driving me crazy the other day, my phone would DING when I got out of the truck. Turns out I have a bluetooth stereo connector to my garage stereo and I had forgot to turn off the stereo. what I heard was the phone...