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  1. Chip hold 7/11-10/24 My22 & My23

    Starting this thread to see which builds and which weeks are affected by this chip hold. I know the dates could be earlier and possibly later. Would also be a good thread to see who is making progress. I have a 502A powerboost. Was in the build week of 8/8. Was put on chip hold 8/25. Will...
  2. What do you like about your powerboost?

    So I have a 2022 F150 lariat powerboost on order waiting to be built. I own a 2013 F150 FX4 that has the eco-boost 3.5 and love it. I’m excited about the new powerboost motor and would like to hear some of the things that people like about it. I have a travel trailer and will be using the pro...
  3. Tow mirrors BAP

    So I already know that the caps on the mirrors of the sport package are chrome. Does anyone know if that is the case for the black appearance package? Has anyone seen pictures of one with tow mirrors? Can’t seem to find one
  4. B&O sound system vs Sony sound system

    I have a 2013 F150 with the Sony 8 speaker sound system and woofer. This is a factory system from 2013. Does anybody know how it compares to the 8 speaker B and O sound system with the woofer. I actually liked the Sony system. I didn’t order the unleashed system.
  5. How ford picks what trucks are being built

    This is a very interesting read for those that want to know the process. It’s super long but explained very well How Ford builds are selected each week I found this on the truck forum I see this question a lot. So, I'll try to answer it (subject to corrections). It is largely determined...
  6. Trailer backup camera

    Waiting for my new truck to be built. I have a travel trailer with a Furrion back up camera. Was wondering if there’s a way to get it to work with the sync 4 12 inch screen. I know the Ford factory one is wired but is there a way for the Furrion wireless to work with the new system?
  7. Production date

    How many times has your production dates move before your truck was actually built? I’ve been moved 4 times.