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  1. Under Cover Armor Flex Tri Fold

    Just wanted to say it’s the best tri fold tonneau cover I’ve seen. Easy to install, perfect fit, and works flawlessly. Can’t go wrong with one of these.
  2. Line X, Tailgate Removal and Associated Problems

    I purchased a Line X spray in liner when I bought my truck this Saturday. I’m getting ready to make my appointment, but I keep reading horror stories of loss of camera/safety/backup functionality when the tailgate is removed. Have these issues been resolved for MY22? My truck made it 12 miles...
  3. Replacing Ambient Air Temp sensor How-To?

    Anyone know how to access it? It’s at the bottom of the passenger side mirror. Looks like it’s sitting in a removable plastic trim piece, but I have no clue how to fully remove it. Looks like you have to remove the part of the mirror that swivels to uncover all of it. Anybody done this yet?
  4. New Owner/New Truck - Late build 22 Lariat with a couple minor issues

    Hi All, Drove her home yesterday. 22 Lariat FX4 mid package with all the deletes. It looks like it was one of the ones that sat in a field for a little while. Fresh off the hauler it was covered in dust and had a bunch of dead grass and dirt in the floorboards. Had some red and blue grease pen...