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  1. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Looks sharp! i have been worried about leveling my truck with the stock size wheels and tires (sam as yours) but it looks great. I thought the tires may look too small after lifting the truck but they don't at all.
  2. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    Thank you so much for your time and insight! Really glad to know everything is working as it should.
  3. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Man this looks sick! Looks like something i'd like to do. Def wanting more info on the level kit you used. thanks!
  4. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Man this is beautiful! what a truck. Perfect level. I've considered getting the platty wheels and adding some graps for my truck
  5. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    When someone has some free time would you mind taking a look at my vin please? 1FTFW1E50MKD00781 To the best of my knowledge i have turned on automatic updates and set a schedule. I bought the vehicle used last month and dont have much of an idea what version it's on. Greatly appreciated! Thank...
  6. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Son! This is perfection. I'm in Bossier City, WBU?
  7. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    THIS is what i'm looking for! What level do you have Sir? Thanks
  8. Show me your leveled trucks!

    This is what i'm looking for, thanks! what is S3m by the way? 2.3" level kit?
  9. Show me your leveled trucks!

    This is perfection!
  10. Show me your leveled trucks!

    Man these are some nice rides, thanks for your replies guys.
  11. Show me your exhaust!

    I apologize if there is a mega thread for this, i didnt see an exhaust section. I've scoured youtube for weeks but cant seem to find many people who have what i'm looking for. I've had a ton of production exhaust kits in the past like borla, corsa, etc.. but i dont want a catback production kit...
  12. Show me your leveled trucks!

    I know this is a topic that had been beaten to death but i’m hoping to see pictures of leveled trucks. Particularly on 18” wheels. i just picked this one up and i’m for sure leveling it, but cant decide if i’m doing it with these wheels or not. I will either keep these and add graps, or do some...
  13. Headlight protection

    Hey bud did you ever end up applying the xpel or something like it yourself? I'm in this boat now and considering paying to have it done, or maybe doing xpel pre cut myself or attemping to buy a sheet on amazon and maybe try that. Just wondering how hard this is and what product you used. thanks!
  14. Are clear bras worth it?

    Thanks for your reply Sir! i'm only looking to do my headlights. The expel costs about $129 and i've never installed film before so i figured if i mess it up, $75 is better than $130 lol.
  15. Are clear bras worth it?

    Was the lamin x hard to apply? Thanks!
  16. New recall: Front Park Lamp Flicker (NHTSA # 22V686)

    thats for some of the headlights from certain months in 2022 i believe. They flicker
  17. Did 5Star crack the 2021+ ECU for 5.0L V8?

    Looks like Palm Beach Dyno also has a pre order up. I wonder if anyone who tunes with HP tuners can do this, i have an Ngauge left from my mustang i'd like to use on the F150. I've used SCT in the past and really prefer HP
  18. Louisiana Brand New! wheel well liners21-22 f150

    Sorry man i just grabbed some on amazon. Easier than driving to meet
  19. Did 5Star crack the 2021+ ECU for 5.0L V8?

    Man i need an hp tune i can use for ngauge, plz!
  20. Did 5Star crack the 2021+ ECU for 5.0L V8?

    I saw this link earlier, are more companies tuning besides Livernois now? https://5startuning.com/product/2021-f150-5-0l-v8-sct-x4-with-choice-of-5-star-custom-tunes-7015g/?fbclid=IwAR2fE0kACto-Fx2SmxaFAleLRrudQw8NLm9rpBq1iSO-yPnHy9sqKxcgHpE